Chinese Friends DTLA House Special Shrimp

Looks like they are still closed. Any place serve similar house special shrimp??

Is that basically Yang Chow’s slippery shrimp?

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It looks close, Chinese Friends shrimps are smaller, and flavor is sweet and spicy. I actually have a similar recipe that uses ketchup.

Anyone know when they will reopen?

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Back in April, they had an outgoing phone message as well as a sign taped to their front door indicating that they’ll reopen on May 1st. On the week of May 1st, the outgoing phone message was taken down, and after the 1st, the sign was not updated, Have no idea when they’ll reopen. They’ve been closed since March 16th.

Any updates on them? Tried calling today and still no answer. Hoping by July…

Reopened for take out only (or delivery through Postmates) beginning Aug 1st. Prices have gone up a little, so beware. I ordered 2 Kung Pao Chickens and 1 sauteed green string beans, which should have been $30 plus tax, but was charged almost $45. I’ll still support them since I love their Kung Pao Chicken (eating it since 1982).

That’s good news they opened up. Was the increased cost due to Postmates fees?

I figured probably in order to keep the restaurant running with a near full staff, with the huge drop in sales from before the first lockdown started.

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