Chinese Friends

How is this place? Thinking about going today. It’s close to yang chow right?

Yes, one of the few non-Cantonese restaurants in Chinatown that’s been there about 40 years. Fine if you’re looking for old style non-Cantonese food.

Please excuse my ignorance but what is “old style non-Cantonese food.” And example perhaps? Thanks.

So non-Cantonese Chinese restaurants started showing up in LA in the early 1960s (Twin Dragon). But it wasn’t until probably the early 1980s that non-Cantonese Chinese mainlanders actually appeared in any numbers in the LA area. Consequently, during this interim period the non-Cantonese restaurants were less than authentic, particularly by today’s standards. In Chinatown this would be restaurants like Plum Tree Inn, Yang Chow and Mandarin Shanghai.

Thanks. What’s an example please?

Stuff you’d never see in the San Gabriel Valley like slippery shrimp, twice cooked pork, mu shu chicken, sizzling rice soup etc. If we were back east you could add General Tso’s chicken.


Did you get the House Special Shrimp??

That dish definitely calls to me

Kinda what I guessed. Thanks again.

No, But it looked delicious.