Chinese restaurants in toronto?

i will be in toronto for a few days in june and will probably have a meal or two free. i’m interested in checking out chinese food in toronto. any leads on good places?

no one has any intel? @chandavkl?

Toronto has great Chinese food, most of it in the northeast suburbs of Richmond Hill, Markham and Scarborough. If you’re stuck in Toronto itself you can follow the recs in this magazine article, which strangely does include one suburban restaurant, though a true list of best GTA Chinese restaurants would be largely suburban. Lai Wah Heen in downtown Toronto would make a best metro area list, though. Since all the Chinese restaurants in the northeastern suburbs are authentic, a listing of the best Chinese restaurants in, say, Richmond Hill, won’t lead you astray.

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crown princess was recommended elsewhere as well.

So we went to Crown Princess for our “welcome to Toronto” dinner–well, some of us had a snack at a Taiwanese place 30 minutes after arrival from Montreal but we’ll let that slide. Crown Princess is an opulent restaurant–some might say a bit garish. We were there early but before we left it had begun to fill up–mostly large Chinese family groups getting one of the banquet menus. That’s what we did as well: the set dinner for 10 for $538 CAD. The two vegetarians in the group ordered separately.

It was a great meal with excellent service. Standouts included the Peking duck, crab meat soup with fish maw, double steamed bass, stir-fried lobster and seafood fried rice. But my favourite dish was probably the braised snow pea leaves with enoki mushrooms and conpoy.

I think some members of the group thought the meal as a whole skewed too mild; the exploration of texture was not of much interest to them. But I thought it was dynamite on the whole. And it made me determined to stop using Sea Harbour and Elite as only dim sum houses on our visits to LA.

Full review on the blog.

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