Chinese Wedding Banquet Venues

Haven’t been to a Bay Area wedding banquet in years. What are the top Chinese restaurant venues these days?

Champagne (San Mateo) not bad. Yes, they’ve had a bunch of ownership and menu changes but there are some pretty good bites there. I have not held a banquet there, but consider it since it has some space and it’s not as crazy/busy as some of the other venues, and there’s a parking lot in back/structure nearby, with a bunch of tea places if people want to grab a casual drink/snack before or after. It’s also not too far from SFO, the highways (92 or 92 to 280, 101), etc. (They do now have a garish, huge TV screen - perhaps it can work for some banquet audio-visual but it’s too big tbh).

Last night, I liked their old fire soup (broth with sea coconut and chicken feet), fried salt and pepper flounder, some pretty decent seafood (like boiled spot prawns), etc. Not a destination necessarily but solid, with likely enough space.