Chocolate Cake

When we lived in NYC, there was a place in CT called Aux Delices that had the most amazing chocolate cake with frosting and strawberries. Here’s what I’m looking for…

  1. chocolatey but not overly dense or chiffon-y in texture. I want the flavor of chocolate to come through, but not the dense, almost fudge like consistency that all too often comes with it. At the same time, I don’t want the Asian bakery kind that looks like chocolate cake but has minimal flavor and is too airy. There is this perfect balance of moist, robust yet light, cake that I rarely find. Sad to say, but Nothing Bundt Cake actually comes closest to that texture.
  2. whipped cream frosting, so not that dense, rich buttercream, but just a nice light airy frosting with a hint of sweetness.

Where can I find this? Will drive anywhere in LA!

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Proof makes a great chocolate cake. Not sure if it’s what you’re referring to, but Porto’s Parisian cake is definitely a crowd pleaser.

You’re in South Bay, right? According to the website, there’s a Nothing Bundt Cake in Manhattan Beach and Torrance.

Both Porto’s and Proof seem to have the right general cake but maybe a bit too rich/luxurious… Wonder fi they can do something custom though. I actually chatted with a baker and I guess most of the world has gone towards the heavier, fudge cake or the more Asian chiffon cake, partly because the sponge cake is deemed passe, since that’s what we baked out of the box mixes. I did find a place near home that will custom make what I want so going to give that a shot!

Haha, yeah, that’s where my wife is going these days… she gets the chocolate chocolate chip with no frosting :slight_smile: Hoping to surprise her with a rendition of that specific cake she loves though!

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I personally love the moist dutch-process chocolate cake versions- the blacker the better- of which there really doesn’t seem to be enough in this city. If you’re just looking for standard chocolatey (neither dark nor light), how about Flouring? Hers has a buttercream frosting but if you’re doing a custom order she can do any modification and whipped cream frosting should be the easiest one.