Chocolate Chip Cookie Death Match

Clean bed sheets. The pull through parking spot. Shower beers. A chocolate chip cookie. These are some of the simple things in life. But when there are many—and there are many chocolate chip cookies out there—there can be only one.

Fine, there can be many, but it won’t stop me from finding a favorite among them.

But first, what makes the (my) ideal chocolate chip cookie? Crisp edges and a soft center. Even chocolate chip distribution. Puts a smile on one’s face. Pretty simple, yeah?

We’re not going to get to the bottom of it in one shot, and there’s no way to truly crown a champion, but my hope is to help find your ideal chocolate chip cookie. All challengers welcome.

Cue air horns. Bruce Buffer voice “IT’S TIMEEEE”.

Batch One

Stella Barra

This is a massive cookie. While the pizza at Stella Barra may be fine, this cookie is the real reason to make the trip. It’s rich chocolate chip flavor is elevated by a fantastic dusting of salt I’d like to imagine is waterfalled Salt Bae style.

Porridge and Puffs

The Miso Chocolate Chip cookie leans on the crisper, more well done side, but I’m not mad about it. The miso lends that subtle saltiness and inventiveness that Chef Minh is known for. Yeah, you’d be insane to not get brown butter mochi, but take a cookie for the road.

Fat + Flour

Chef Rucker’s chocolate chip cookie is a flex. She’s known for pies, but this cookie is thin, chewy, flecked with oats, and everything you could ask for. It’s fantastically buttery and has a great salt content. The chocolate is top tier and worked in evenly throughout. Fat + Flour hasn’t been around long, but this cookie acts like an OG.

Clark Street

Just based on looks, Clark Street’s highly traditional chocolate chip cookie is the type that would be in the pages of a Martha Steward magazine with the title of “the best chocolate chip cookie”. It’s a bit taller and benefits from a superb layering of chocolate chip discs that have the room to spread out.


The choconut cookie from Chef Kuniko maybe gluten free and smaller than most, but it packs a ton of flavor. It’s generally softer and on the cakier side, but has a nice crumb. The x-factor though is the subtle coconut flavor that comes from the coconut flour. However, the single best part of this cookie is that it’s always slightly underdone in the center.

Milo and Olive

The prototypical restaurant pastry case chocolate chip cookie. It leans on the more well done side and is uniformly cooked through, which holds it back a bit. Five cookie emojis out of ten :cookie: Big bonus points for the salt flakes on top.


This is a chocolate chip cookie that checks the boxes. That said, it’s also the ideal, classic, no bullshit, steals your boyfriend, got into Harvard but went to Stanford chocolate chip cookie. It’s got incredible chocolate chip disc layering, transcendent salt garnish, and the perfect balance of crisp edge and soft center.


There’s a lot going on in Valerie’s Durango Cookie. It’s on the crunchier side, but while many chocolate chip cookies are variations of Symphony No. 5, the Durango Cookie is trying to do Jazz. It’s on the crunchier and more well done side, with a smattering of other crunchier elements like almonds and cacao nibs that take it just left of center (not a bad thing).

All Day Baby

This cookie is gooey to the point it might fall apart on you. That said, it’s equally delicious as it is messy. Pastry chef’s Thessa Diadem chocolate walnut halva cookie starts out with all the expected components of a chocolate chip cookie, but then the nutty halva punches you like Dom hitting the nos in the last quarter mile.

Friends and Family

The rye chocolate chip at Friends and Family on Hollywood Boulevard is chewy and thin. The rye flour adds a slightly nutty complexity, and while the salt might not be evenly distributed enough thanks to the wide spread of this cookie, the butterscotch flavor is what makes this cookie memorable. It must have an insane amount of butter. Did I mention the butter?

Cookie Good

It’s a bit smaller, but good things come in small packages. Cakey and chewy with no real crisp around the edges, it’s pretty clear that this is a highly consistent cookie. It’s also absolutely PACKED with chocolate. It just tastes indulgent—and let’s be honest—when you’re eating a cookie that’s exactly what you want.

More to come…

Batch Two

Batch Three

Batch Four

Batch Five

Batch Six


Cookies in bed . Chocolate chip of course.


I can totally get behind this thread. :smiley:

Have you tried The Cookie at Bristol Farms or the one from Clementine? I love The Cookie but think it’s perhaps TOO decadent. Seriously, you could eat like 1/4 of a one and call it a day.

Just recently had the choc chip at Clementine. Was pleasantly surprised. Looks a bit like the Milo and Olive one you had. I haven’t had the Milo and Olive one, but I would put Clementine’s just a smidge below Proof’s. No salt sprinkling on Clementine’s, and the chocolate forms a lower layer w/i the cookie itself (which I think it great but not sure if you’ll like). Reasonably soft center and decently crisp edges. And it was free w/ my DineLA (!!!) lunch from there.


I did not know I needed this thread until I saw it. Thank you


These are two of my favorites. The Cookie is remarkably similar to Levain’s in NYC, if you can get one fresh from the oven.


Thanks for taking your time to do concise shootouts. Much appreciated.

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Located in a gas station in palms zooies makes very good cookies. They have a variety but the gooey chocolate chip is my fav. Crisp on the side and almost uncooked in the middle.

Pardon the half eaten look but I took a couple of bites out of mine last night.


amazing post.

My favorite is Ingo’s Tasty Diner’s chocolate chip cookie that they bake every half hour and have for customers on a cake plate at the exit. I hope it comes back. I miss Ingo’s for a variety of reasons, but particularly that cookie. I’ve tried replicating it at home, and am getting close.

RIP The Ivy chocolate chip cookie that used to be presented at the end of your meal, or magically appear in your doggie bag.


Both strong recommendations—those are definite gaps and I’ll add them to the list!

@hungryhungryhippos it’s been a couple months since I had Zooies, but It’s definitely one I’ll also revisit soon. The fact that those cookies are nearly raw in the middle is absolutely the x-factor that notches them up.

@yogachik I haven’t been to Igno’s in some time, but I agree that the free cookie plate was the most memorable part!

@moonboy403 thank you—I’m just happy to have an outlet :blush:


Can also recommend the chocolate chip cookie at Go Get 'Em Tiger. It is a little different in that there isn’t that much chocolate and you actually taste the dough itself a lot more. But the dough, for some reason, does taste really good!


Mozza and Republique should be in your next batch.


@yogachik: I have had the Ingo’s (or, if I did, it was shortly after it opened many yrs ago) or the Republique one (again, AFAIK), but someone did post the Republique recipe a few wks ago, if you want to give that one a try.

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Clementine’s (Century City) Chocolate Chip Cookie

I :hearts: this cookie. Buttery, salty, sweet, crispy edges, chewy moist center, no chips to be exact, just chocolate chunks meltingly spread throughout the cookie!


Stella Barra cookies are damn good although Proof is hard to beat.


APL Steakhouse has a pretty decent one also.


The true winner of this competition will be the Acme Elastic WaistBand Sweatpant Company…


:sweat_smile: :sweat_drops:

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The chocolate chip cookies at Clementine are overcooked, very thin, little crispy things. There is no chew. I love the rest of Clementine’s bakery items, but its chocolate chip cookies are very subpar in my humble opinion.

Maybe I caught them on a good day? It was indeed quite thin, but it actually had just enough chew for me (and I am not a crispy choc chip cookie fan).

What choc chip cookies around town do you like? :slight_smile:

This is exactly what I wanted out of this thread :smiling_imp:

I’m getting to the bottom of this.