Choux Creme (Fullerton)

It’s nitrogen ice cream.

None of that Thai rolled ice cream fad that’s infected NYC, and has now seeped into LA.

Anyway, nitrogen-made ice cream is Choux Creme’s claim to fame. And for what it’s worth, it’s a pretty darn good product. Basic flavors are all there (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry) as well as green tea matcha. All pretty good based on samples anyway.

But what really sets this place apart are the homemade (or is that housemade?) pastries. From danishes, cookies, to donuts. And, of course, the eponymous pastries are aplenty. Big deal, you say? Yes, big deal, I say. Because you can get those pastries a la mode.

So, if you’re still reading and paying attention, that means you can now have an ice cream sandwich made with (wait for it …) a donut. A nice warm glazed donut, split in half (like a bagel). And stuffed with ice cream of your choice. Mine? Matcha. Good stuff. Very good. Bonus? No more having to get in line for a Costco churro then hustling over to Fosselman’s anymore.

This is a very good thing.

Think about going during our expected winter heat wave next week before they receive a cease-and-desist letter from Big Corporation.

Choux Creme on the web, on Facebook and on Earth.


These pastries sound promising. Not much info on the website. Is the cake/cookie/donut quality better than the place on the other side of harbor that just changed names?

Never really cared for liquid nitrogen ice cream as its missing that creamy thick texture I look for. Was the ice cream good for liquid nitrogen or just plain good?

[quote=“js76wisco, post:2, topic:2443, full:true”]
These pastries sound promising. Not much info on the website. Is the cake/cookie/donut quality better than the place on the other side of harbor that just changed names?[/quote]

Pastries were good, but I think the cookies were meant for ice cream sandwiches as they are on the dry side. Did not try the choux cremes, however.

What other place are you referring to?

It’s good ice cream. But if you want typical custard based, egg-y ice cream then it’s probably not your cup of tea. But given that it is a cleaner tasting ice cream, it pairs well with the pastries; whereas a more custard-y and thicker ice cream would overwhelm.

Bolu Bakery. I think it used to be called Layer Cake.

Sorry, never been.

What’s good there?

Went there last Thursday around 5:30 pm. Not much stuff left. Bought some choux pastries to take home. It’s ok, but not great. I like Beard Papa or Chantilly better.

That’s too bad. Never got to try the cream puffs at Choux Creme.

Never was a fan of Beard Papa, but I do like Chanitlly, although not for cream puffs. I’m a sucker for their custard. Actually, I’m a sucker for just about any custard. But Chantilly’s is pretty outrageous.

After’s Ice Cream in Fountain Valley has been stuffing fresh donuts with ice cream for quite a while haven’t they?

Maybe liquid nitrogen pairs better though.

You tried Smitten? They just moved into El Segundo from SF, where they are the front runner of LN ice cream.

Both of these have been utter disappointments for me. Just okay taste and premium prices. The rent in that building must be crazy high too. After eating pizza, I always have an urge for dessert and Bolu/Layer is right there. Every time is just meh. Someone needs to lock down the Fullerton dessert game.

Been my experience as well. Its kind of hampering the # of visits to Fuoco and Burger Parlor. No good dessert in the immediate area. You could try Dog Haus for their Fosselmans soft serve but its a pain having to repark. The ice cream and cookies at Dripp are better than Bolu but same issue and not sure its worth the inconvenience.

Have you been to Goodyce? Italian ice cream is quite good. It is located on Amerige and within walking distance. No re-park problem.

Never knew this place existed - I don’t go down Amerige much I guess. Thanks for the heads up. Will definitely try the next time we are in the area. Looks good from the pictures online.