Chowhound Conducting A Site Survey

Very interesting.

I happened to browse over there today and lo and behold I got a popup “would you take a site survey?” Of course I said yes. There are a couple of places to type freeform comments.

(1) They asked How I would rate the site – 0 to I think 10.

(2) They asked why you gave it that rating and had you select all the choices:
Chowhound is fun and entertaining
Chowhound is helpful for food and cooking information
Chowhound is a comprehensive resource
Chowhound is easy to use/navigate
Chowhound is useful for local restaurant information
Chowhound is useful for planning where to eat while traveling
I enjoy Chowhound articles
I enjoy Chowhound recipes
I enjoy participating in the Chowhound community

Chowhound is lacking written content that I like
Information on Chowhound is inaccurate or incomplete
Chowhound is difficult to use/navigate
I have problems with other users’ comments on Chowhound discussions
User comments and/or Chowhound discussions are unfairly moderated
User comments and/or Chowhound discussions are over-moderated
User comments and/or Chowhound discussions are under-moderated
I have technical problems on the site
I dislike Chowhound’s look or design
Chowhound is difficult to use on my mobile device

(3) What is the number one change Chowhound could make to improve your site experience?

(4) I cannot remember the 4th thing LOL! But I answered bring back the community boards.

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I think #4 was your age range.

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Interesting. I took it very early on I think, and it didn’t give all those specific options to pick from. Only a fill-in window.

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I got it twice - on my phone and on my laptop. Same questions on both, but not the specific options on my phone, Midlife.