Chow's Kosherama on Riverside Dr

For the boomers:

Was listening to Lorne Michaels talk about dining at Kosherama frequently in the 70s. Found later this joint became “Chow’s Kosherama” in '72, moved to new digs in '84, and later become Wok of Fame, eventually closing in '07.

Someone had mentioned both the deli and the Chinese food were horrific at Chow’s Kosherama, and I was just wondering if any one had other experiences regarding the deli side to share?

Yes, this is so very Chowhound of me… but… CHINESE (sorta) KOSHER DELI sounds amazing. Also, cuz it’s almost Xmas.

We went to Chow’s Kosherama once 25 years ago. Typical suburban Americanized Chinese food. Wok of Fame was slightly more notable in that it was the only place for miles that served dim sum. Just a couple of varieties and i"m sure it came frozen from a box as I don’t think food service companies were doing dim sum back then. But I do remember having steamed bbq pork buns there at dinnertime.

Apparently Pittsburgh is the place to go for Chow Kosherama type combos. Sakura Teppanyaki and Sushi serves Shaanxi food on the side, while Hunan Bar serves real Hunan and Sichuan, along with Cuban sandwiches and empanadas.