Chronicle's new restaurants coming in 2016 roundup

My favorite part is “shuttered Herbivore location.”

I wish Kinch’s New Orleans place weren’t so far from Berkeley.

Any chance Din Tai Fung will be worth the drive to San Jose?

Only if you’re bored with the selections in SF proper, like those from Yank Sing, Koi, Shanghai House, Bund Shanghai, etc. Or even the Korubuta XLB at Crystal Jade.

Save DTF for your next trip to SoCal.

Personally, I’d rather piqued by Mr. Jiu’s.

Wondering if the gentrification bug will now hit SF Chinatown, after doing its bit in NYC (all of the chinatowns) and LA.

I was more excited about Mr. Jiu’s before I went to a preview pop-up a year ago, but I still have high hopes.