Cinque Terre West

Has anyone been to Cinque Terre West in Pacific Palisades? Looks like it opened just prior to COVID. Has pretty good reviews on Yelp. I’m in the Palisades quite a bit, and had never heard of this place until I saw an Eater LA article today that the same owners are opening a wine bar concept next door to the restaurant.

Cinque Terre West is excellent and the prices are reasonable. Small family run place. Their pizzas are good too. The wine bar next door just opened last weekend; haven’t tried it yet.

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My good friend raves to me, often, about Cinque Terra West’s paella…I have not tried it.
Pizza looks good too.



Funny you should ask, because I happen to have attended the soft opening of Enoteca 5 Wine Bar (sister restaurant to Cinque Terre West in Pacific Palisades) last weekend!

Hailing from Liguria, Chef Gianba Vinzoni prepared a generously splendid, perfect rendition of Risotto al Tartufo Nero for the guests…

The chocolate torta al tartufo was also marvelous. (@CiaoBob you would have hated it LOL.)

Sommelier Antonino is a great guy, super knowledgeable, and kept our glasses filled! He states that the vision at Enoteca 5 is to evolve a very curated list of unusual bottles. Frequent tasting meals, focusing on various regions of Italy (and beyond?) will hopefully attract regular and new customers alike. Their wine club is currently enrolling new members as well.


I hope you enjoyed it!

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