Clarified butter where to buy?


Seen it at Bristol Farms. If ghee counts, Indian grocery stores will have it in just about ant quantity that’s practical for homes up to commercial kitchens.

Trader Joe’s

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Ghee is clarified butter.

It’s easy to make.

TJs had ghee.

Where have you looked so far?

Yea just make it. Way easy. In fact I need some too but right now I’m making duck fat


Yes, ghee is the same. But to those unfamiliar with this, I don’t want to assume.

Ghee is not the same y’all. There are levels to how much you cook it after separation. Milk solids carsmelize over time giving the ghee more nutty flavor. Also they funk it up even more somehow, I forget, especially the Bangladeshi ghee

I have noticed that ghee in Indian grocery stores stays liquid on the shelves. The product in jars labeled ghee in places like TJ and Bristol Farms is solid.

Restaurant depot. The tub is prolly bigger than you want. Tell then you are a culinary school student and sometimes you can talk your way into a day pass!

I think that’s similar to honey. if the fats crystallize, it’s solid.

Ghee is one kind of clarified butter. When the flavor’s different from western clarified butter, that’s probably because they used extremely high heat. This discusses both techniques.

I found it at trader joes. Thanks.

What? Ghee or clarified butter? What are you planning on doing with it?

If it was TJs, it was likely ghee.

I’ve never experienced that. I buy my ghee from the indian store and its usually mostly solid with a bit of liquified part on top. Buying in warm weather, its almost all liquid. I buy Koshy brand or Deep brand, whichever is cheaper (we go through a good amount of ghee in our house). I wish Costco would bring back the giant jars of Nanak brand ghee!

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Indian grocery stores don’t run AC as much. There’s a critical point where it melts. Totally guessing though.


That recipe looks hard. I don’t have a cheese cloth. Also worried I will burn the butter. But might try it one day. I think I will have to use a shit load of butter.
I just want it for my popcorn. My snobbish whirley popped popcorn.


Use the method where you just pour it off the top.

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This seems easy!