Clifton's Cafeteria - can QPR be a negative value?

kevineats has posted a review of cliftons. I don’t want to rip all his pictures, so please go to his site to look

I will rip a couple though…these 3 plates were apparently $33.50 + tax/tip. This may be the most unflattering review I’ve ever seen him give. Looking at the pictures and prices, I’m actually mad for him.

Depends on whether quality can be negative. The price itself would not be horrible, if the food actually were good. Based on kevineats’s review, it sounds as though the ratio is asymptote-cally approaching “0.” I only skimmed his review, but, good God, it sounds terrible. Bless him for saving me the trouble… :frowning:

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Nostalgia is expensive.


Hah ! That’s an awesome line, should be be in cross-stitch, on a pillow or a wall :slight_smile:

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queen’s park rangers? i’m more of a man utd. man myself, but
qpr DID get relegated last year.

This Turkey Dinner is 1/3 the size at 2/3rd the price of Clifton’s a few years back. What me worry…
photo from

I get better turkey dinners at the commissary at work, for a mere $8.

Now that gets me thinking too.

Where’s a great fucking turkey dinner ???

From what I read into KevinEats review of Clifton’s, it is the first time I got a sense that the QPR and the quality actually irked him.

And from what I can see, I would be irked too.

Brent’s and Pann’s (photo)

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Musso and Franks ??? It’s actually a hot open faced turkey sandwich.

Where’s a great fucking turkey dinner ???

EZ - Greenblatts.

I prefer the dark meat instead or you can get a drumstick/wing too

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As I well said long time ago :

CharlesDarwin Jul 17, 2014 07:05 PM
I must confess: the only appeal of Clifton to me is the fact that it’s located in the middle of LA’s jewelry district. That is, 21st century Ali Baba’s destination. And I don’t mean (with all due respect) the wholesalers’ website.

Amazingly, they’re already @ 2.5* on yelp with 400+ pictures.

A photo at Clifton

from Yelp…

What’s wrong with this pic?

$28 for this:

I lol’d


Well the remodel part looks great so maybe they’ll be ready for the new bar/club that opens when cliftons goes under. Can’t say I’m planning on going.

That is an awesomely snarky review. It’s the first time I’ve gotten the sense that our friend kevineats is self-parodying, a bit. Bravo, kevineats!


or maybe he just read this site the past couple weeks with a fine tooth comb.

anyhow, i’eve never read his reviews even though he is the much much much much more esteemed a preeminent “Kevin” rather than this “kevin”

and that ain’t no fucking joke.

for some reason, I have no fucking desire to eat here either.

but then again I lack a nostalgic attachment to the joint to be sure.

and once in a while, cafeteria food is very very comforting, a Proustian moment if you will.

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his photos are great. Love the ones of the interior and the jello in particular. Pretty good virtual tour. I’ll have my whisky sour at home and skip it!


My favorite part of his review:

Yellow Jello [$0.35]
Clifton’s is known for its jello, and I guess I can’t complain. It’s jello, jiggly and whatnot.