"Cobb Sandwich"

I’ve made this a few times lately having all the ingredients on hand from previous meals. Chicken, hard boiled egg, bacon, blue cheese, avocado, tomatoes, lettuce. Super good and easy.


Don’t all the ingredients come flying out when you start eating? Does it stay open-faced?

I love Cobb salad, but I’d be worried about a serious mess here…

LOL :slight_smile: No, that showed it with the top piece of bread off. But we “squish” it to keep it together.

This is my favorite menu item at The Claim Jumper restaurant chain. They serve it on grilled sourdough and it is just my kind of thing. Well, maybe their beef ribs are close, but the Cobb sandwich for sure.

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They used to have a great one at the Daily Grill as well, although the location closest to me in Newport closed.

Now I make my own, especially with leftover Thanksgiving turkey- a nice way to use it when you are tired of any TG related food.

lolz. that still seems like it would need a knife and fork!

I have a big mouth :slight_smile: Haven’t you noticed??? lol