Cobi's in Santa Monica

I went to Cobi’s either the first or second week that it opened with a group. We ordered a couple of different things that were all good, but none of us were blown away, and it was pretty expensive.

Since then, I have had a number of different people tell me that I have to try it and how amazing it is. Is it worth going back and giving it another try?

Side note: has anyone tried their brunch?

We got delivery dinner a couple weeks ago (we went in person last year). I thought the larb was really good (very rare to get even passable larb this side of the 405) but the dal and butter chicken were just ok. There’s a lot of different things on the menu though so probably some more winners out there; it is definitely still on our list.

As for price, I think it’s par for the course in Santa Monica. Even the mom and pop Indian or Thai places have to charge 15-20 bucks for the curries. Heck, it’s 4 bucks for one soft taco at Tacos Por Favor these days.

I have found that virtually every place has its fans. Similarly for books, movies, tv shows, musicians, … I belong to a Facebook group that explores restaurants in my home town. People in the group name all kinds of restaurants and dishes as “the absolute bomb” or using some other encomium. I know for a fact that most are horrible or mediocre at best. Caveat emptor I guess!

I’ve enjoyed a couple meals there but by no means do you need to go out of your way to go. It does seem like a place that blows away people who don’t eat out a lot and wouldn’t describe themselves at foodies.