Cockscomb - SF

I got an email that Cockscomb is now serving lunch weekdays. It might be only for the holiday season, i.e. through the end of the year.

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I saw the same thing when I was there for dinner a few weeks ago.

Dinner was great, by the way. All full of awesome. We ate mostly from the specials list, including a lamb heart salad, and a “surf and turf” with the largest pork belly I’ve seen paired with a roasted asian “drunken crab”. Yum yum yum.

I made a reservation because we happened to be in the city yesterday evening, and by chance happened in for the Scottish game special menu.

half a pigeon, great flavor, especially the really rare bit next to the knuckle, the cider that was paired with it was a great choice

Pasta with rabbit sauce made from all five quarters. Insanely good.

half a partridge, great flavor, nice variety of textures between the breast, thigh, and leg

Poached pear with walnut ice cream, which was mostly walnuts with just enough ice cream to hold it together, perfect light dessert after a rich and lovely meal. Cocktail was a nice refreshing final note.

Not cheap at $95 plus $45 for the beverage pairing but a good value for the quality and rarity.

We were sitting right by the pass and saw at least three other great dinners worth of very appealing dishes go by, including shrimp Louis in the form of a stuffed grill-charred avocado topped with a sort of Louis-dressing hollandaise, bacon chop, pinbone steak with a dipping sauce of boiling tallow seasoned with vinegar and salt, coulotte steak with bearnaise …

Brought my own, the reds on the wine list tend toward the ripe, high-alcohol style I don’t like.

Combining tripe, geoduck, and roe was brilliant, great mix of flavors and textures.

Great larb, nice and spicy.

I’ve had Cosentino’s take on this Tuscan street snack a couple of times before, great flavors but the spleen was a little tough, had to eat with knife and fork.

I don’t hear “fire four udders!” every day. This needed a little salt and lemon, then it was great. Texture was soft, like nice steak fat, though not so rich.

That’s chicharrón with cinnamon sugar. Sounds crazy but it was really good. The Fernet was a great pairing, really cleared the palate between bites.

Really fun meal. I do not get to this place often enough.

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