Cocktail Nibbles

Looking for ideas…

I’ve been putting together a 4-day rendezvous here in SD for a small non-profit for which I am a board member. At the end of the first day there is a (thankfully) informal and optional cocktail party at my house.

Beverages are easy and not really a problem. Since I will be at the afternoon events with the group, I’m looking for some savory nibbles to set out in that very short period of time between when I get home ahead of everyone and them arriving.

I’d like to do something other than chips and salsa and nuts. So I’m looking for ideas of things that could be prepped the day before and are good whether served hot, cold or at room temp.


How about a bowl of Senbei (from Mitsuwa), and a platter of assorted mochi (from Hogetsu Bakery)?

My go to for the last several years in my Cocktail party rep is Bacon-wrapped tots. There are recipes all over the net.

You can have the tots all prepped on a cookie sheet in the fridge, 20 minutes in the oven and they are so good hot, lukewarm, room temp.

I usually make some kind of sour cream dipping sauce.

This sounds like a job for Pinterest.

Bacon wrapped watermelon.
Sausage and mango.

I guess I’m very pork centric, what with my job and all…


Heck, empanadas? Papa Luna’s makes a mean empanada, though they require heat.

Hola DD!

Bacon wrapped dates
Crab dip
Small good rolls with turkey/ham and cheese with good mustards
Halved baked jalapeno poppers
Good olives, salami, baby heirloom tomt’s
Sugar Snap Peas and lots of fresh veggies…crudité plate.

Costco is your friend and love those little mozzarella balls and you can skewer them with cherry tomt’s and some cubed salami…artichoke dip is quite good on baguette or pita crackers.



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