Cocktail prices

How do you all feel about cocktail prices these days at restaurants? $8-10 I can deal with , but now more and more I see prices creeping into the $14-18 range.

Do you feel these creative cocktails are worth the cost at $14-18 per drink?

$10 and less is a cheap/bargain cocktail (Fat Dog, Bludso’s)
$12 is an average priced cocktail
$14 is a julian-cox level cocktail
$15 is a julian-cox level cocktail with better alcohol
$18 is a cocktail with a view
$20+ cocktails are crimes against humanity


My son and DIL were at La Quinta Resort (SoCal) this past weekend and had some great and unusual cocktails. I guess I don’t get out much because the menu I checked showed them at $13.50 -$15.00 per.
I suppose, when you compare that with some better wines by the glass, it’s not so bad. It just seems like a lot at first blush.

both the fixed and variable costs of the location play a large role in my answer to your question.

obviously if you were making the cocktails yourself, in your home, using costco booze, and not assigning ANY fixed costs to the undertaking, that would be one thing… . . .

More and more you’re seeing this? I remember cocktails being $18 everywhere I went a few years ago, and now those prices are dropping to the $14 range. I rarely see higher than that, except at certain Santa Monica hotel bars.

I haven’t had a cocktail that was $8-10 anywhere but Vegas, or maybe happy hour.

How about the price of a crappy glass of wine?
Most of the bottles they open for wine-by-the-glass are no more than a year or two old and they are charging more for it than those super pricey cocktails. At least for my Andrew Jackson (including tax/tip) I am getting a decent buzz with the damned cocktail.


i just went on a jaunt to a few of the grooviest places in groovyville, and everything
was in the 10-15 dollar range and totally, y’know, groovy.
life’s too short for shitty drinks.

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So, is the eastside “groovyville” now? Ugh, the idea of getting tourists from points west bums me the fuck out.

Because change is the devil.

Went to Bazaar once and they had $25 cocktails.
I just browsed Faith and Flower’s menu (going for a work function…not my choice! haha) and many cocktails in the $18 range.

wine I kind of understand since most times you might get 4-6 pours out of a bottle and price per glass is dependent on the bottle price.

cocktails that use just vodka, gin, rum and mixers, i find to be way overpriced at $14-18. these new mixologist type drinks usually have at most 2 shots worth of liquor and most times from just middle of the road brands…and most times you cant even taste the liquor! haha

dude, did you just call me a tourist?


what’s your zip code? :wink:


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And a happy Wilson Pickett to you!!

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