Cocktail Recipe Books

Was just gifted Spritz, which goes into the history and evolution of the Italian cocktail. There are also a bunch of different spritz recipe iterations, of which I hope to try many this summer. Summer of Spritz, y’all!

I’ve also found 12 Bottle Bar as a good starting place/reference point.

Any of y’all use any good ones?

Nope… Not yet. But I’ve always thought the Food Network’s Sandra Lee should publish a cocktail book. I won’t get into how much I dislike what she represents to the food community. And the word “tablescape” is irritating. But, Auntie Sandy loves her cocktails, and comes up with some pretty yummy looking concoctions.

Joy of Mixology as a classic for a good introduction. For more creative takes on cocktail Death & Co, PDT, Liquid Intelligence, Dead Rabbit are worth owning.

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Awesome. I shall look into these once my spritz well dries up.