Cocktails and apps between Los Feliz and DTLA

Like many this week, I’m entertaining out-of-town guests. Looking for cocktails, happy hour and appetizers in the locations specified in the subject line. We were thinking of hitting Messhall but any other suggestions would be appreciated. Looking for same price point roughly. TIA.

The Morrison.

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Not sure if it’s quite in between Los Feliz and DTLA, but Sonny’s Hideaway might make a good choice. All’Acqua is fun and pretty inside. Cliff’s Edge in SIlver Lake is great for guests too. Depending on the group you could do Mohawk Bend - the food isn’t the very best, but it’s fine and the beer & cocktails are good.

Feels like downtown itself has a ton of good candidates for this too, Baco, B.S. Taqeuria, all the usual suspects.

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Beer Belly.

Thanks but Beer Belly doesn’t have booze as far as I know. Plus, it’s a little too casual.

Barcito or Everson Royce Bar