Cocktails and WiFi on a Saturday night - am I looking for a unicorn?

So it’s Saturday night and I wanna get turnt up. Unfortunately, I also need to some work on one of the websites I run…

I would love a place with good cocktails and wifi. Imagine a coffee shop…with good cocktails.

My furious googling has not lead to any hits (especially for Saturday night…), which leads me here. The closest place I could find that might work are Messhall and Simmzy’s. I don’t even know if they have WiFi, but the spaces are big enough where I won’t feel horribly out of place doing work (and I could use my phone as a hotspot…)

I would feel like a jackass with a laptop @ the Republique bar, but that’s kinda what I’m looking for LOL

No cocktails, but Sunset Beer Co in Echo Park has that vibe, and WiFi. And there’s always a big bottle of 12% beer to get you plenty turnt.

Mohawk Bend down the street from SBC might also work - it’s big, there’s almost always space, and they have beer wine & cocktails.

How about the bar at the Beverly Wilshire. A hotel may be your best bet.

what about that newish joint on vineland, the idle hour?

i havent been but ive wanted to drink in that space for 20 years.

Just go full jack ass and embrace that. If u like sports and want to crush an easy hot food challenge Buffalo Wild Wings isn’t going to hurt.

bluRoom in Pasadena at the Hotel Consenance.

ns1, inquiring minds would like to know where you ended up, please.

and thanks.

I ended up @ The Fat Dog in NoHo. Cocktails were quite good, reasonably priced ($8 old fashioned, $12 specialty drinks). Dog friendly patio w/ large communal tables. Lots of space during the time we were there (5-7p) and could have busted out the laptop w/o feeling out of place - had pen/paper instead.

No WiFi, so use your phone as a hotspot. Or maybe no WiFi is a good thing…

I actually am not a fan of Idle Hour’s cocktails - great space though.

thanks for the idle hour intel. shame about the drinks.

i assume the fat dog is vastly superior to bow and truss (which i also haven’t been to)?

I’ve only gotten bow and truss to go and the QPR was so terrible I vowed never to return.

Food decent enough but tapas sizes at entree prices.

I like to drin kthe alcoholic boba tea and other pleasant things on the rooftop of EP/LP. I think I may be using my TWC wifi access for the wifi though, but if you have an account, it’s got great access.