Cocktails - What Are You Drinking?

A place to share your favorite cocktails and cocktail bars, both new and classic. And if you’re mixing it up at home, share that too! :cocktail::tropical_drink::clinking_glasses:

When people share them, I hope they’ll share “recipes.” Good topic.

  • The Last Word, or the mezcal or agricole rum variations
  • black Manhattan
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I like gin!

Jolly rancher , negroni , Aperol spritz .

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What is a Jolly Ramcher? I love green apple Jolly Rancher candies. I broke a retainer eating one of those when I was little. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tell you the truth . I just have Heidi my bartender pour them for me . She says there are a 100 different ways to make them . In fact I got lit on them this afternoon and had to take a nap .lol

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Also, Lillet Rose mixed with Fentimans Rose Lemonade.


Yep, I’ve been having a couple every night😱. We even make our orgeat.


Vieux Carre
Negroni (with Monkey 47 gin)
Mai Tai

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White Negroni with mezcal. I prefer Salers over Suze. Lillet Blanc or Cocchi Americano.

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I’m a huge fan of martinis, but my cardiologist suggested that if I drink, drink tequila (so, no more vodka for me). Here’s how I order: Herradura Silver (or any Silver, if they don’t have Herradura), fresh squeezed lime, a tiny splash of Grand Marnier - shaken, and served as a martini.

Everyone ends up having what I have.

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Did your cardiologist explain why tequila would be healthier than vodka, whisky, gin, brandy, or rum?

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Tequila is a “healthier” alcohol, it’s a probiotic and prebiotic. She (my doctor) explained that studies have shown it to be a “heart healthy” alcohol, it can lower cholesterol and aid in digestion. This is true of Top Shelf 100% agave tequila, only.

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Thanks, robert. You saved me the time.

@yogachik, your doctor doesn’t happen to be a Latina, does she?

Nice. I should do that, too, but I’m lazy. :grin:

I managed to drink half. Bartenders, please don’t do this to my Paloma.

Entry to patio.

Great view of of the not-shiny part of downtown L.A.

1746 N. Spring, LA
(Around the corner from Majordomo.)

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What did they do to the drink? And is a Paloma the same as a Clay Pot? According to our fave Mexican bartender at our fave Mexican bar it is We consider them potentially dangerous as you don’t know you’re drinking :slight_smile: