Cofax: A Pictorial Essay

Breakfast burrito - Which one reigns supreme?

I don’t know the answer to this question, but the breakfast burrito at Cofax is definitely a contender. The eggs, chorizo, bacon and avocado all combine for a superb experience. Add to that a Stumptown cold brew (yes, I am a heathen who added cream to my coffee that day), and I am one happy Angeleno.

The doughnuts at Cofax get less play than their burrito, but there are some great ones here. My favorites were the sea salt glazed (yeasty, with great counterpoint from the kosher sea salt) and the grapefruit (which I will add to the ‘DOTM - Fruit’ thread). I found passionfruit doughnut to be way too overbearing in the use of the fruit.

But it all goes back to that breakfast burrito. So, so good…


440 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036


Evidently the potatoes used in the burritos are smoked first, giving an.added dimension of flavor. Add the exceptionally flavorful salsas and this burrito is really happening. The last couple of bites are always sad times because I always want this burrito to never end.


That looks massively good…I’m not certain I can finishe that puppy.

Smoked sausage breakfast burrito add avocado :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Strawberry crunch donut :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


i’m not the biggest fan of the breakfast burritos there…they’re decent but small and OVERPRICED…comes out to like 15 bucks for a breakfast burrito and a coffee.

not to mention you wait in line for like 15min to order one then they tell you its going to be another 30min just to get the burrito.

This burrito is generally a pass for me.

Then some enterprising hipster decides to try to steal your order after being in the restaurant 5 minutes by rushing up to the counter as soon as your order has been called and arguing with the counter staff when they politely try to explain that the burrito is not his. (twice, two different hipsters)

Two different ones? In that neighborhood? :rofl:

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Heheheh I witnessed that on one visit as well…

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Like the dreaded Hamburglar, I dub these people… Burrobbers (trademark J_L).

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Alternate: Burglaritos

which actually sounds like tiny little burglars, now that I say it out loud…


Burritos themselves are little tiny burros. But also the word burglar has already been taken by Hamburglar.

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This thread drift reminds me of a Jack-in-the-Box ad from a few years back…

I think the breakfast burrito from Macheen is top notch.