Coffee beans worth a drive

Kumquat DTLA had a popup of ultraexpensive Korean-produced coffee from Gongkhan. It tasted less acidic / fruity and more gentle / sweet than normal expensive coffee. I liked it, but these prices LOL.

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wow… seriously?

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Do you want a used car or a cup of coffee …decisions, decisions ?

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James Hoffman Drank A $335 (£265) Espresso. How Did It Taste?


I only pay $50+ for a cup of coffee if it’s picked out of cat poop.

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kopi luwak :crazy_face:

We have some of that stuff from an Indonesia trip. Definitely not worth the drive/flight


I went to one of the cat poo coffee farms in Bali but I didn’t fall for the hard sell.

We went to some demonstration farm also and it almost convinced me not to have any because it seemed like a pretty poor life for the civet cats. I tried to take a picture of one but it was pacing fast enough I couldn’t get a shot that wasn’t blurry; not unlike me after too much joe.

Stereoscope iced pour over. Perfect for a hot day. Already 80 degrees at 8am in Newport Beach. Really enjoying this one.


Wouldn’t the ice immediately water down the pour over due to the large temp difference?

Maybe but it doesn’t taste watered down to me. I’m also not paying attention to when they make the pour over. Usually playing games on NY Times app. This is the coffee half way through almost 45 mins later. Still a decent amount of ice.

I’ll ask the next time I’m there. A lot of place don’t do pour over on ice.

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Well that is helpful in the article it says you need to brew a double strength batch which makes sense to account for the watering down effects

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I’m gonna ask them the next time I’m there to see if they are brewing a double strength batch.

I started to pour our espresso directly onto ice when making iced lattes and really enjoy the flavor. A more nutty roasted flavor profile vs adding the ice at the end of the process.

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Got it from reverent which is sadly temporarily closed. Made my first legit pourover today


Nam Coffeeshop.

Next to Found/Saffys/Besties.


Le Phin (East Village, NYC).
Caphe Roasters (Kensington, Philadelphia).
Phin Smith, Trung Nguyen Legend, Da Vien (Little Saigon, Orange County, CA).

I am sure Houston and San Jose has a spot or two.

Add Nam to a small growing list of Vietnamese coffee shops. They sell beans and phin filters too

I really like Le Phin. It comes served with the phin. Very small and cozy spot.


le phin is great. cute cozy spot too esp in winter.
i’ve been hooked on trung nguyen’s ginger cream viet coffee. Tastes like it’s got a shot of ginger. Just had it again on sunday

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