Coffee or lunch with a nice view

Though I love my kids, I am lucky enough to have 4 whole days to myself as my family went on vacation without me. I’d like to work on the family photo album, but I don’t want to sit around my house. Is there a place that serves coffee or wine or lunch that wouldn’t mind if I sat for 3 hours working on my computer? I’m on the westside. Ideally it would be a place with a nice atmosphere and/or view. Any time of day would work for me as I am completely free for the next four days. Maybe there’s a place that has a lull and wouldn’t mind me taking up a seat? Thanks!

The Getty Center.

Either the Cafe (self-service) or the Restaurant. If you just want to linger, probably the Cafe might be a better bet, although if you tipped well and kept ordering token small bites, I’m sure the restaurant staff wouldn’t mind if you were there for a couple of hours (or longer).

That’s a great idea. I see they have a wine tasting/pairing on the weekends. I think I’ll try to do that.

Coffee Connection on Centinela, just south of Venice. It used to be an Italian restaurant - Bruno’s - and has a large space, a generous courtyard and lots of seating. Impressive for a coffee house.