Colossus Bread + Choriman

Any reports from Colossus Bread?

Whats the go to at Choriman?

Green or red chorizo breakfast burrito.

I prefer red more than green.

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Get both red and green chorizo.

I am Team Green if I had to choose


The best part is the sunny side up egg inside, the yolk breaks and oozes all over. Add their hot sauce for some nice heat and their pico de gallo like salsa for some tang.

Apparently Colossus is preorder, I show up and every time I get whatever is left over which is slim pickings so I don’t want to comment on their stuff just yet.

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Hubs went to go pick up some Sausages at A-1… And he was a good man and brought back my favorite at Choriman… the Green Chorizo Breakfast Burrito. It was as good as ever… For something unique… get the Argentinian