Comfort LA is now a sit down restaurant...and still really good

Comfort LA, the late night chicken, mac and cheese, greens, yams, specialists,…has moved.

And they are about to expand their hours.

we walked their yesterday. there was a sign in the window saying they had moved. google maps and their own Facebook page did not seem to have gotten the update yet.

They are now 3 blocks west on 1110 E 7th St, just west of Central.

They are in a soft open right now. But by next week will expand their to be doing lunch and dinner w-saturday, still staying open ridiculously late on friday and saturdays, until like 3 am, i think. and i didn’t catch their new sunday hours.

Chicken with “that sauce” still awesome. greens and mac and cheese and yams: awesome, fresh.

check it out, if you haven’t already. and if your excuse was that they were only open late night on the weekends, soon you will have no excuse.

the QPR of this place is just so MEH, unless you’re stoned or drunk.

and the sauce is just … “ok”. wings good on its own, but not enough to ever hit it up for seconds.

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