Coming soon: Agua Viva (by José Andrés)

One of the trio of upcoming establishments slated for The Conrad in DTLA by the indefatigable Chef José Andrés…


has anyone gone? Is it any good?

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It’s great! Outdoor rooftop bar scene.

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Where’s our pictorial essay?


Warrior: 5.0 Warrior Points. Good restaurant with a great view. Remarkably well executed food. The fried whole sea bream was incredibly moist. I found the food a little boring, however, and I can’t see why I would eat here again when San Laurel is just a few steps away on the same floor of the Conrad hotel.

Peony: Lovely location. Beautiful dishes, nice presentation. Courteous service. The food overall was pleasant and enjoyable. The execution was right. I don’t feel this is Michelin-star level but it is a good choice for hotel guests and concert goers.

Wait what is supposed to be the difference between Agua Viva and San Laurel?

Agua Viva is more asian inspired and San Laurel is Spanish? Are the pricepoints similar or is this intended to be more casual?

I would characterize the menu as “high-end hotel food.” The prices seemed about the same as San Laurel. I guess the hotel needs a second restaurant for room service and breakfast/ lunch.

Also, they have at least three bars on the same floor.

First world / one percenter problems.

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very different vibes and menus but similar price point.
both are worth a go
we liked SL more than AV but it was early days for both

The analogy is not perfect but the difference is reminiscent of the two different sides of the Bazaar menu - more traditional vs more creative (though neither is either).