Commissary at the Line - Thoughts

Thinking about lunch here. Anyone been?

A few times, yes.

The french dip is very good but also something like $19, which is a little on the absurd side. Burger was not to my taste. Service is pleasant but very slow - our company lunches usually took a minimum of two hours. Avocado toast is decent, can’t say much about the other appetizers as I haven’t tried them.

All in all, it really makes me wish Pot would open for lunch, as it would end up roughly the same price for more interesting food and faster service.

@Thor - I agree w/T3t. But the rooftop “greenhouse” enclosure is great, plus the eclectic place settings, etc. is definitely worth checking out.

I hung out there for a couple of hours, I was meeting a friend at the Line and since it was a warm day the patio was more appealing than the downstairs bar. Nice place to hang out in warm weather but a cool breeze came up and even inside it was a bit chilly. The deviled eggs were good and the other food I saw looked OK but the menu was not interesting to me. Of course, I’d had lunch at Langer’s and we had reservations at Pot, so that did not put the Commissary menu in the best light.

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Here’s my review for April DOTM. Now keep in mind it was Vegetable month… We must make the best of a situation :wink:. But it really was good.

Commissary at The Line Hotel in K-Town. Lovely space, great service, beautiful place settings & thoughtfully prepared food. We had really good NY Strip. But honestly the vegetable was the star.

Charred Carrots w/Green Sauce & Parmesan. Deviled Eggs.

$10 for one deviled egg?? wow.

@LAgirl - We had eaten a couple already. But I get your point. I think you’re paying for the setting, atmosphere and of course Roy Choi - the Korean chef du jour.

That’s a dark picture. But I would put Commissary on the best outdoor dining list… City outdoor anyway. And the music was really good, if you like classic R&B/Soul.

if it’s a couple, then that’s not too horrible. but when I saw one lonely halved egg on the plate and the menu stating $10-I was a bit shocked.

I’ve been wanting to go there for that reason (and I live walking distance) but the menu didn’t look that interesting and I thought it seemed a bit pricey. I may try it out for brunch one weekend.

@LAgirl - I keep reading people write that the menu doesn’t look interesting. He purposely made it a vedg-centric menu. But his preparations add a lot of flavor to the vegetables. My hubby is a self-professed “meat varmint” and he loved those roasted carrots.

You really don’t have to spend a lot. Since you live close by, pop over for a cocktail and appetizer, just to check it out. It’s a very interesting space.

I didn’t feel like Roy Choi had anything to do with the food.

It’s gussied up diner food, in a greenhouse.

Sort of like if Fred 62 married Sqirl.

If you’re ok with that, go for it.

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Do you think he’s now just stamping his name on restaurants for money - al la Bobby Flay?

@ipsedixit - Yes, yes. That’s what I keep saying. It’s the location that’s the stand-out. To each it’s own. If that’s gussied up diner food, then what is not?

P.S. Never been to Squirl or Fred 62

@robert - I wasn’t trying to infer that he’s in the kitchen cooking at all times. But I’m sure he designs the food and menus. My cousin worked at Pot… Choi was there.

Pot is clearly Roy Choi’s food. Commissary is not.

@robert - Oh brother. I had a few delicious carrots and a couple of over-priced deviled eggs. And we loved the space. I’m not a Commissary expert or a Roy Choi expert… and I’ve never had a Korean burrito in my life.

I do think your assumptions are incorrect though.

Really awesome space upstairs and downstairs, especially when there’s a cool dj at the lobby. I have a drink or two and go down the street to a Korean restaurant. But that’s just me

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I’d have drinks and an appetizer or two at Pot and go to Jun Won or Parks or some other straight-up Korean place nearby for dinner. I only went back because my friend saw it on TV and really wanted to go.

It’s entirely possible that Roy Choi has a heavy influence at Commissary, it’s just not obvious. The menu seems 95% designed to fill the expected functions of an all-day hotel coffee shop / bar and 5% Choi-ness. Pot’s menu gives no hint it’s part of a hotel.

@robert [quote=“robert, post:20, topic:3273”]
The menu seems 95% designed to fill the expected functions of an all-day hotel coffee shop / bar and 5% Choi-ness. Pot’s menu gives no hint it’s part of a hotel.
Very good point. “5% Choi-ness” Very funny