Concordville Wegmans opens Nov. 8

Just got a flyer in the mail for this. I wonder how it will affect business at the Whole Foods in Glen Mills? It’s still a bit of a shlep for me to get to either one, but I’m definitely more excited about the Wegmans. Woo hoo!

I’m excited about Wegmans, too, although less excited than I would have been a year ago. If the changes to the Downingtown store are any indication, they’re making chain-wide changes that are NOT for the better. More packaged foods, for example. Where all fish used to be displayed in the fish counter, now much of it (salmon, especially) is packaged and kept in a separate place. Also, there are now frozen food cases intermingled with fresh foods and some departments (cheese and bakery) are noticeably smaller than before.

That said, their produce selection is a cut above that of most other markets in the area. I think WF will feel the pinch, but I’m more concerned about The Fresh Market’s ability to stand uo to Wegmans’ competition. I’m not a big fan of WF, but I DO like shopping at TFM for certain items.

Very excited about the new Wegmans! We typically only stop in at the Downingtown or KOP stores if we are in the area, so I’m excited about one being closer. Especially excited about their beer selection. We typically hit the Total Wine in Delaware, but have found that the Wegmans tend to have a different selection of beers available to PA distributors.

Speaking of beer, has anyone checked out the pub at Acme?

I’ll be interested to check out the beer selection at Wegmans. It’s about the same distance from me as the Naamans Rd. Total Wine, although not on my way to anywhere I normally go…but I could make an exception for Wegmans!

Does the Total Wine off Rt. 7 carry a different selection than the Naaman’s Road store?

Yes, it’s a lot smaller and has a decidedly worse selection. Too bad, because that one is only 10 minutes from my house.

By the way, happy birthday @pollymerase!

Another flyer for Wegmans in my mailbox this weekend, this time with coupons. Very exciting :smile:

Wow! Thank you very much!

Went to Zahav for dinner. Only two, so we missed the lamb, but it was delicious!

Yay to Wegmans! I think I’m going to avoid for the first few weeks, I’m assuming it is going to be a zoo. I already find that getting around that area can be a cluster, so imagine this is going to make it even more crazy.

I’m going to try to avoid the entire Rt1/202 intersection for at least a few days during the “grand opening” phase.

Has anyone been brave enough to check it out yet?

Maybe I will head over for my Thanksgiving dinner shopping trip. I was away for the last 5 days, so couldn’t check things out, but I will need to do a “big shopping” on Nov. 23…I will put it on my calendar to do it at Wegman’s so I don’t forget!