Congee and Brisket Sandwich @ Submerge Sandwich (DTLA / Fashion District)

Cool little shop in the middle of the Fashion District in DTLA.

The congee, or rice porridge, at Submerge Sandwich is served as a breakfast item only.

Served either sweet or savory. Tried the savory version, which came with a sous vide egg, pickled radishes, a splash of soy sauce and sesame oil, and garnished with julienned scallions. Good creamy texture, and when you break the egg (cooked to what I’m told is just a nudge under 146F), the warm porridge slightly curdles the yolk so you can get some nice strands of jello-like egg yolk (sort of like in egg drop soup when done right). Not a fan of sesame oil in my porridge, next time leaving that out me thinks.

Today, tried the brisket sandwich, which the menu describes as “Dr. Pepper Brisket”. Was told that the brisket is braised for hours on end with the soda and some secret compound of spices. In any event, the brisket is tender, not fatty, and very flavorful. Not like what you might find at Bludso’s as this is braised, not barbecued and smoked. The bread could also be a bit more substantial, as the sandwich is served after visit to the panini press. Still, not bad.

Oh, and they have these housemade pickles, from vegetables to fruits. Tried the jicama, carrots and grapes. All pretty cool.

Submerge Sandwich


(being the literalist that i am) i was trying to envision a sandwich with congee in it. i failed.


That might be the new “10:30 Filet-O-Fish” as breakfast service ends at 10:30.

with the hash browns?