Congestion pricing at restaurants?

Here in New York, hotly debated congestion pricing appears to be coming to Manhattan as it relates to car and truck traffic. The basic idea is charge more for entering certain parts of the city during peak hours. Now restaurants seem to be eyeing the idea. Wendy’s is trying to apply it to their service hours. Come during peak hours and be charged more. What?

If Wendy’s wants to offer up some good deals during lower traffic hours they might win some business, but they’re out of their mind if they think anyone is paying surge pricing for a burger when McDonald’s across the street isn’t.


Wendy’s walked that back almost immediately.


Nothing new. Happy hours and blue plate specials = charging less to get people to come at off hours.

Restaurants are trying to get people to come in when demand is lower, so they present that sort of thing as discounts. NYC is trying to get people to stay away when demand is higher, so they present it as surcharges. Either way it’s demand-based pricing.


What? Where are you getting this from? Oh, you’re talking about actual congestion pricing. Confusing.

I was responding to the opening post.