Coni Seafood in MDR

Meeting up with a good friend for lunch. Haven’t seen any recent threads on the MDR location. What should I order? Will try anything and everything, so don’t hold back!

not at this location…but their other location we always call ahead to preorder the snook before we arrive. you don’t have to, but it does take about 40 min. marlin tacos, aguachile, any of the shrimp dishes…

how big is the snook? for 1.5 hearty appettites… will we be able to order much more than that?

guestimating but it’s usually 1.5-2 lbs? it’s just me and the wife and two toddlers that don’t eat much, but we can’t ever go there without ordering it. you can def. ask for a smaller one to see if they can accomodate?

Do you mean the location on Centinela. I haven’t been in yrs, but I really liked the marlin tacos (very smoky, which some people don’t like).

I know the snook gets all the raves, but I actually think the snook is most notable for the sauteed onions that accompany it…


My favorites there are the Aguachiles and the Camarones Borrachos.


Definitely get a few of the ceviches.

This is going against the grain here but the snook is not as interesting as the cooked shrimp dishes.

If I was to return to Coni/106 Underground I personally would skip the snook.

Hopefully Coni is in the kitchen when you go


Thanks! Will have to save the snook for when I go with my two sons, who eat like pigs.

I’ve never been to the MDR location, but I haven’t had a bad dish at the original location in dozens of visits over the past decade. This place deserves kudos for the quality and consistency. My favorite dish is probably the marlin tacos. All the cheesy shrimp dishes are also great (or go with the tequila butter sauce if you prefer). My go-to dish recently has been a dish with octopus and shrimp in a black pepper / butter sauce (I think it’s called something like “pimiento”).

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Made it! Great lunch. Ate like pigs.

We had a ceviche (mixed one). I’m generally not a ceviche guy and this further confirmed my views. Too sour, too peppery. Too much filler and not enough seafood. But, I think this is a me thing about ceviches.

Shrimp Borrachos. I liked but didn’t love this dish. The sauce was good but didn’t tingle my taste buds like a great seafood dish well. I’m also really picky about shrimp and these were a tad overcooked/not super fresh, so they weren’t nice and crisp, and had a bit of mealiness to them

Marlin tacos. Wow. These were amazing. Smoky fish, smothered in cheese. I think the tortillas are fresh made? And perfectly griddled with some crust from the cheese that oozed out. I could make a meal of these alone.

Grilled snook. I couldn’t help it. We had to get it. Smallest was 2.4lbs and we devoured it. Perfectly grilled, very fresh fish. Crusty outside with moist, flaky fish inside. The fish smells fishy but does not taste fishy at all! Someone mentioned this above but the onions are insanely good. I thought I’d need a salsa to brighten it up but the marinade is delicious. Only letdown is the store bought corn tortillas. A fish this majestic deserves fresh tortillas. IMO, this dish is so worth the hype!

Superb meal. Have been waiting to try this for years and it was worth the wait!


glad you got the snook! in my experience, sergio or no sergio, the snook at all of coni’s seafood locations have been expertly grilled.

i think the onions is simply braised with soy sauce.

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and some makes shit good (msg) sauce in the form of maggi

Yeah. I’ve never had snook. But it’s right up my alley. Light, flaky, moist, flavorful wo being fishy.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! I think the snook also works better when you have a larger party (it is totally overwhelming for me and partner alone). You make a good point about the tortillas being a letdown. I would actually assume that the tortillas are the same as for the marlin tacos, but I don’t know for sure. Warming up tortillas on a griddle can make even store-bought ones pretty tasty…

On my few visits, I’ve also had mixed reactions to diff shrimp dishes. I think the one I enjoyed was the Camarones Culichis, but I am not sure.

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If anyone knows, I’d love to hear. The marlin taco tortillas felt puffier and more substantial, but as you said, it may have just been the griddling - these were so well griddled, nice and crispy almost, but not fried.

The snook was huge. My friend and I were stuffed by the time we finished. I think the amount of food we had would have worked for 3 - 4 people easily.

I think i’d probably pass on the shrimp next time around and try something else!