Coni'seafood post Sergio

Any reports?

I went and had pescado zarandeado and marlin tacos about 2-3 weeks ago. Not sure how recent the guy’s departure was…I never kept track… the food still tasted pretty incredible to me. Blew the minds of my two dining companions as well, and neither of them are particularly easy to impress people.


Thanks, looking to head back for that fucking pescado and camarones.

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This place is definitive proof that cheese and seafood can mix well.

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Those marlin tacos tho… So damn good


I’m not that it fucking mixes definitively.

I went today and it seemed the same as ever. This is a great restaurant to visit on the way to the airport and on the way back from the airport.

So , has anyone been to have Sergios food in Long Beach ?

The quality at Mariscos Chente was fine post-Sergio. We would typically order one-two shrimp dishes, some seafood tacos and the PZ. I’m guessing Sergio did a great job in training the back house.
We noticed a decline in business which seemed to coincide with the addition of a karaoke set-up. The food still seemed fine but noise level became unbearable. We live close enough to order out so…

The last time we went to pick up the food, the kitchen was not the same. The mom was in the process of training one of the teenage daughters. Our food was 30 minutes late, and while on the whole still acceptable, it wasn’t the same. My hat’s off to the daughter - I couldn’t have done it - but the place seems to be heading down the wrong path. We haven’t been back since.

The family connection doesn’t seem to have urged back Sergio (at least not yet) to resuscitate MC. It’s too bad because this is where it all started. Hopefully Coni’ will not go the same way.

Where he is at now?

cheko el rey del zarandeado

343 east market st
long beach ca


Please ask Senor Penuelas to bring it back to the Westside.

I wish they’d open up a spot in a more Bougie location. They’d rake in the cash in DTLA. Marlin tacos for lunch anyone? I always wondered whether it’s a front, with the twin range rovers and the building behind the patio. And the constant moving around. Not that there’s anything wrong that.

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believe me,
if i could get him back here, i would.

the long beach location is cute and all that,
but the schlep is more than i can handle. . . .

it’s too bad that it’s impossible for me to win the lottery since i refuse to buy the tickets (something about paying money for a negative expected return).

Was just here today!

The Snook was a great rec from all of you.

The smoked marlin tacos were so smokey and delicious.

Shrimp with bacon and mushrooms. A little heat… I swear I would like to be submerged in a tub of this. So incredible.


Although LA is reputed to have great Mexican Food, Coni Seafood is the only Mexican restaurant in LA that I give a shit about.

In which cities do you find better Mexican? And what are the spots you recommend?

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Incoming reply: Mexico City.


There are probably better versions at Cafe Gratitude anyway. Do they have a vegan version of the moles at Rocio’s?

What part of most moles are not vegan to begin with?