Convoy District

There’s no place that’s like Convoy for mixed Asian, not in SD, and not anywhere else.

But there’s nowhere to park on Convoy or environs.

How does this story end? In Uber-land?

That’s one of the reasons I rarely go there, parking sucks. At least with Little Italy the trolley gets you close enough to walk.

LA and OC have many areas similar to Convoy but much larger.

Parking can be difficult but generally is not a big deal if you can walk a few blocks. Be great if trolley went to Convoy though (and the airport btw).

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No doubt in the realm of fantasy. But:

If all Convoy District business owners would contribute (there are lots, and nickels and dimes do indeed add up), perhaps for their collective and the public benefits, they could rent parking space in the Zion lot. And then buy CarMax and convert it into a parking structure. And operate a free, 20 hr small-bus shuttle running every 10 minutes from the Southern to the northern end of Convoy, stopping every two blocks – similar to Laguna Beach.

RD, I was under the impression that Convoy District was unique in that it intermingles almost every “flavor” of Asian restaurant within a single mid-sized area. I didn’t realize that large areas of similarly extensive, co-mingled Asian restaurants existed elsewhere. I need to do some more homework, it seems.

Wouldn’t that be great! I usually visit early on a weekday for lunch. Love being retired! If you can get there by 11am, nearly all the lots are workable.

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