Cookies - what's your favorite right now?

I usually go to Milk Jar for my cookie fix but I won’t be around the area for much longer. Wondering where everyone goes when they need a fabulous cookie? I pretty much love all cookies, so open to suggestions and locations. Do we have anything like the compost cookie from Momofuko Milk Bar? That cookie rules.

Love the chocolate walnut cookies at Proof Bakery in Atwater.


Highly recommend this: Target

10 minutes of work.


2nd Proof but my favorite is the chocolate chip w/ sea salt.

And, believe it or not, Stella Barra has some really good cookies. I go there just for them.

I 3rd Proof. Clementine also makes good chocolate chip cookies.

You beat me to it. I love Clementine chocolate chip cookies, had one this week.

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Green tea mochi ice cookie at Yamazaki Bakery in Little Tokyo when I lose my dentures.

Chocolate espresso cookie at Bread Lounge whenever my supply of boreks runs low.

The buckwheat coconut cookie that is often found on the after dinner petit cookie platter at Patina.

The Anzac Biscuit at Bronzed Aussie. And, yes, it’s a cookie you mofo.

The egg salad cookie at EuroPane, but only when I’m dreaming.


I’ve never had any of those. But I’m giving you a shout out because you make me laugh.

During the holidays I always give Pistachio Cookies from the Eagle Rock Bakery.

They may not look like much. But they are deliciously chewy & pistachio-y on the inside.


Those are SO GOOD!

Heard about them for years, finally went a bought some. Gave one bite - one bite! - to my husband. Looked away for a moment…

Cookies be gone.

They are awesome. Not too sweet and oh so flavorful!

I love the oatmeal raisin cookie at Porto’s. Simple, not too fatty and almost winey in its taste (It’s the raisins, I think they soak them before baking.)

Got them for me for years, got my husband the chocolate chip cookies (as he’s really picky about his cookies) and then one time (ONCE! And those who know me will know - that was a bad move) gave my husband one of my oatmeal raisin cookies.

And there went my safe cookie.

I’m thrilled that my husband has such natural good taste. Sad that now I have to refigure our cookie purchases…


I know. The first time I had ONE, it was from my hairstylist who had received a box from a client. I spent the whole time in his chair staring at that box. He finally said “Would you like another one?” :stuck_out_tongue:.


I really like their Cucidati.

Like a Fig Newton, after puberty.

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Oh well… I’ll have to try those.

Gjusta makes a really great orange/pistachio cookie.

I also second @A5KOBE’s recommendation to get the Milk Bar cookie mix at Target. So easy and good.

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I love the toffee chocolate chip cookie at Vanilla, 5th street and Wilshire in SaMo.
Also the rye chocolate chunk at Erven, between 5th and 6th on Santa Monica Blvd in SaMo.
Both in walking distance #mixedblessing.

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I made them at home. They were fan-freaking-tastic!

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Okay folks, I got the numero uno for ya all but not conveniently located on the Westside, Eastside or Downtown L.A. If you are anywhere near Santa Clarita on a weekday only check out The D.W. Cookie Company on Soledad Canyon Road in Canyon Country. A simple Chocolate Chip and variations on it with or without nuts, coconut and dried berries are good. My lads (former ChowPups) crave the Snickerdoodles. His cookies are softer on the inside but have a crisper outer edge like I like em. Just the opposite of the heavy, no crisp, dough bombs at Diddy Reese!
The very personable owner makes a short list of ice creams daily. I’ve only tried the vanilla in a cup with a chocolate chip cookie and drizzled with caramel syrup and an ice cream sandwich. So good and worth a drive!


Le Pain Quotidien
…Thin,crispy and buttery.


I have a girlfriend who lives in Santa Clarita. I’ll ask her or turn her onto D.W. Cookie Co. Interestingly she’s the one you turned me onto Diddy Reese. Whose cookies I really enjoy, but wouldn’t say they’re the best ever. What I do like about them is they do inexpensive (comparatively) gift boxes & tins, they deliver and they also work w/Westwood Flower Garden. I sent a flower arrangement w/Diddy Reese cookies to a family member in the hospital. They loved them.