Cooking Pork Belly

I would like to cook Pork Belly in the style of Animal’s BBQ Pork Belly Sliders, but not sure if they’re braised or roasted. Does anyone know or have a recipe to share?

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Given your description “meltingly caramelized,” I’d guess they slow-roasted first, then finished to order on the griddle or in a pan. Something like mei cai kou rou.

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Is that finished to order in a pan? I’ve never made it but I thought it was braised and turned out of the bowl.

I saw that recipe online. It seems like a braise or steam preparation. That’s why I’m stumped - there’s so many types of preparations and some say if done wrong the belly turns out tough.

Look what I found!!


Perfect! I thought their recipe might be floating around someplace or at least a hack. Thanks!


Was the pork belly crisp on the outside or soft? Did it taste anything like ham (which would mean it had been brined) or just fresh fatty pork?

I would NOT use plastic wrap as suggested in that recipe, though 4-6 hours at 250 sounds about right.

No plastic wrap in the video, so I wouldn’t trust anything in that HuffPost recipe.

That recipe is bogus. In the video Shook salted the belly, laid it over sliced onions, covered the dish with foil, and roasted at 250 4-6 hours. To make the sliders, he sliced cold belly and crisped it brown in a pan.

Four tablespoons is way too much salt for two pounds of belly. That sauce recipe doesn’t read like anything they’d serve at Animal.

We’re going to find out, lol.

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Why follow a recipe that’s clearly not what Shook did in the video?

I took a detour…

Oven Carnitas

I followed Shook’s steps of covering it and slow roasting at 250 on a bed of white onions (only needed 3 hrs), then cranked up the broiler to render and crisp the fat. Served it with homemade beans, homemade fresh salsa verde & guacamole and La Tortilla Factory flour/corn tortillas. :hearts:



Looks super yummy! So you went taco instead of sliders, i take it you didn’t do the bbq sauce then? Would you do it again?


That looks perfect.

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Thanks @aaqjr!

I only had a small piece of pork belly this time and didn’t know how much it would cook down, so I nixed the sliders. Yep, I’ll definitely do it again. Way simpler than I thought! My carnivore aka husband was in hog heaven, so to speak. :pig2::two_hearts:


What?! LOL.Thanks!