Copenhagen Recs

Hey all, I may be going to Copenhagen at the end of May and I’m looking for some recs. I will be going with my family, and for the most part they are picky eaters. They do decently with all meats, but struggle greatly with seafood. Therefore most tasting menu places are out. Any suggestions?

I am hoping to slip away with the wife for a meal or two of our own. Currently thinking Amass looks good. As does Bror. I’d prefer not to spend more than 150 a person on food for the escape meals, but I could probably be convinced to go a little higher. No can do on something like Geranium though…

Thoughts? Many thanks, as always.

Had meals at Relae and Noma. Whatever. You can keep them. The one place I went twice is John’s Hot Dog Deli, sort of between the central station and the entrance to Tivoli. It’s the only culinary memory of Denmark that makes me purr when I think about it. I wish I had one right now.

Interesting haha, I have reservations at Relae. Maybe not worth it?

I am excited about the hot dogs! And some of the market food. I love Claus Meyer’s grain bar at the Grand Central Station in New York so I’ll probably check out some of his more casual spots…

Nah! Go for it. I’m a weirdo.

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I apologize for not doing a proper post but jetlagged and super busy. So here’s a quick heads up.

We ate a couple of times at Barock on the main drag in/on Nyhavn. While the area is super touristy this place seemed to have a lot of locals. A beautiful dining room. We ate a lot of fish and it was super.

We almost literally stumbled into this place. Thrion, a Belgian “deli.”

The owner is fantastic with perfect English. He’s from Belgium and imports meats, cheeses, beers and wines. In addition to this restaurant/deli, he also does catering and supplies local restaurants Highly recommend. And the gallery next door is terrific.

Sorry for the brevity.

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Oh that deli does look good, thanks for the intel!