Copying and pasting our previous CH content over here?

How would it be if each of us individually copied-and-pasted all our original CH posts, say, from the past 12 or 24 months, over to this forum? (at least the posts we consider to be of value) I recognize that it’s no longer “original content”, but I’m thinking it might generate some momentum here, and maybe encourage some valuable past CH contributors to join the party. Might contribute to SEO as well.

Any legal ramifications? i.e., does CH own the content once it’s posted there? Other thoughts? This seems like it might be a good way to take our ball along when we go play in the new sandbox, and while we’re at it, send a big GFY to you-know-who.

Carrying this a bit further, how about copying-and-pasting entire threads? I suspect this could take the site further into copyright-violation territory, though. Any legal minds care to weigh in on all this?

Negative . New site . New material . Bury those old fucking posts from CH . Move on . That relationship is over for me .


I’m not interested in moving everything over but at least from Home Cooking and similar categories, it might generate some interest. I live in the Reno/Lake Tahoe area so posting on restaurants would be as useless as it was on CH…they had us on the SW board.

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One of the reasons I’m glad I wasn’t banned (yet) is that I need to dig through and get some of my old trip reports.

I wouldn’t post them here, but some are things I want to save for myself. Time to get off my butt and take care of that. Should have backed them up at the time, stupid me.

Your posts (“User Submissions”) belong to you, at least according to the Terms of Service for CBS Interactive.

See CBSi Terms of Use

I’ve been opening topics with recent reviews from Chowhound, sometimes with links depending on whether there’s anything else very useful there.

There’s no copyright issue, you own your own posts.

A suspended account doesn’t stop you from accessing the Chowhound archive.


Right re access. I’ve been BFLd for a year and regularly copy links and send to people.

Good point.

I thought Ipse might be an attorney or a few others. So what do you guys have to say on the fucking matter ???

Though some attorneys always seems to say “it fucking depends” which is to say anything associated with the legal is open to significant interpretation and gray areas and states of perpetual limbo to
Be duked out for eons and eons into perpetuity.


What he said.
What did he say?

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I just checked FB and they say in so many words that we own our content. They can use it for free but we still own it.