Coqueta - SF

I’ve been by this place several times but never managed to get a seat before. 4:45 on a Saturday it was still fairly quiet. The view from the bar made up for the somewhat uncomfortable stool.

House-made chorizo was good. Reasonable portion for $6 (I ate 3-4 slices before thinking to take a picture).

Instead of wine by the class, they have 250 ml porrons for 1/3 the price of the bottle, so despite the bottle markup being 2.25X retail the by-the-glass markup is lower than at most places where the markup is 2X retail.

Deviled eggs were delicious. I didn’t look closely enough at the broccoli di ciccio to realize that I needed to stir it up to mix in the swipe of romesco sauce at the back, once I did that it was really good.

Gulf prawns were first-rate and cooked perfectly. I could have done without the black garlic, which gave it a sweet note I didn’t care for.

Overall, I’d rather go to Contigo.