Corner Beef Noodle (El Monte)

The Taiwanese Manifeast Destiny marches onward, having laid conquest to Arcadia I guess El Monte is up next.

Corner Beef Noodle is not unlike most any Taiwanese eatery in SGV that lays its yet-to-be determined fame on Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup (or Niu Rou Mian).

But while the Beef Noodle Soup is fine (good broth, nice mix of shank and tendon), the real find here me thinks is the Noodles in XO sauce. The sauce is your typical XO concoction, a mixture of minced conpoy, dried shrimp, soy, rice wine, onions, garlic, etc. and a bunch of other stuff I’d rather not think too hard about. The noodles, while I am told are hand-made, are not hand-made in-house, are fine and serves just well enough to be a non-obtrusive vessel for the sauce.

But put it all together you sort of have this quasi XO sauce noodle that is part Jia Jiang Mian and part quality instant ramen. Sounds weird, yes. But so does eating fried fermented tofu, I suppose.

In any event it all sort of works. Briny, salty, with a viscous umami finish that you find only after doing shots with those artisan ramen seasoning packs (just from what friends tell me, of course).

Oh, and since I was still on baby-sitting (er, child-sitting) duty after lunch, a quick stop at La Michoacana for some paletas to fight off this November heat was most certainly a good call by this FTC-er.

Corner Beef Noodle
El Monte (on Peck, near Ramona, north of the 10 fwy).


Thanks for the report. I was waiting for them to open after having driven by the “coming soon” sign 2 or 3 months ago.

I do it only for you, David.

By the way, table next to ours was having a rather spirited conversation with either the owner, or someone related to the owner, about what a travesty Ma Ying-jeou has become. Doing of all things, meeting with President Xi. The whole thing was rather, how do you put this politely(?), amusing.

Next thing you know, some Caucasian writer in Los Angeles will do a writeup of regional Chinese cuisine and include Taiwan as one of the “regions” …


Oh dear, things are certainly heating up near Longo Lexus…

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As a kid, I used to dip my fingers in the udon seasoning packs. It was divine.

As usual, thanks for the report.

it’s always seemed to me that spending more money to buy a better instant ramen kinda defeated the purpose; you buy it and eat it because it’s dirt cheap.

i’d ask for pics, but then some people on this board might treat your review as if it were on yelp. (don’t ask).

and at first i thought it said corned beef noodle like something you might find at genghis cohen.

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Why ask for pics? Already 127 photos on Yelp:

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Wow it sounds fucking dope. Is it pretty fucking pricey do to the XO sauce withs it’s conooy trappings ???

Maybe a nice bang bang with some Dan Dan mien from dai ho ???

Thanks man.

Longo is my proverbial fucking stomping grounds and of course

At first glance I thought the title was “corned beef noodle”. That would be interesting, Chinese corned beef XO noodles anyone?


Wow. You read it as such tooooo ???

And I thought I read the same fucking thing too.


According to photo 16 on the yelp page (thanks Porthos!) the XO noodles are $7.50.

Just let it go man.


Some Caucasian writer in Los Angeles probably will include Tawian as a “region” in a regional Chinese cuisine round-up, but it certainly won’t be me…

…and I pity that poor soul who does. They will get unmercifully trolled by a European Caucasian in Taiwan who is more rabid than most Taiwanese ex-pats.

Thanks for the report.

Will Clarissa bite?

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One China, Two Interpretation policy has been in effect since NINETEEN NINETY TWO. 23 friggin years.

Not even the DPP dares to declare Taiwan independent. And the point is even more poignant after Thursday long-ass hand shake.

How is TW and HK food not “Chinese”, when both non-countries speak “Chinese”. The easiest retort to the separatists (and yes, I’ve been trolled by those both in U.S. and in Taipei) is simply: pertaining to yada yada story, Chinese == language == food == chopsticks == stfu, go away, let me eat black pepper buns.

Failing to not talk about Taiwanese NRM and Hong Kong cafe just because of some young guy, who probably isn’t a 吃货, who isn’t in the territory covered by a story is… purely a writer’s prerogative. I mean, are you just pandering to that dude? Who gives a F? More importantly, where’s Eric Chu gonna eat dan dan mian this month when he comes to LA?

Corner Beer Noodle has been open for 2+ MO. Y’all are slipping like JGold.

I agree with you 100% and you’ve got the best retort. I simply chose to not include Taiwan in the round-up. I actually expected complaint either way and despite the way it sounds, I don’t care. Though having someone call for Clarissa to explain Taiwan and Taiwanese food to me was more than I could stand :smh:

For the record, I included HK (IV. South Central China). Since it was debated in the thread on my guide, I guess no one noticed. I blame ipse :smile:

So, where should Eric Chu eat dan dan mian?

She already did earlier this year and she heard about it.

Oh shoot, I missed that. Is it on her blog? Sounds like a fun read.

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