Costco Alhambra - adapting to changing demographics

9:30am Alhambra Costco or stay home. Gas station is open at 6 A.M.


the burbank costco is very, very diverse in its demographic makeup.

You funny.

I wonder if the fact that I went on a Saturday explains why the crowd was more Home Depot than 99 Ranch? Or maybe I was hallucinating, though I do that very seldom these days …

well, if you’re speaking of the burbank costco, i pretty much only go on weekends. lots of people
with antecedents from many lands, in my opinion. a veritable rainbow.

not having been to alhambra, i can’t speak to that, it wouldn’t be surprising if it was even
more so, however.

Aha! So I WAS hallucinating … Or more likely was simply remembering only the parts that annoyed me. It has been several years.

BTW, speaking of Caucasian overload, we were in the Nashville-area one again last month. Turns out the folks here who cite the Alhambra Costco parking lot as confirming that Asians-Can’t-Drive stereotype should take a trip to Tennessee.

A bunch of us did a mega road trip through the Smokies and ended our trip at Nashville (a city I adore by the way).

I will just say this. Everyone in Nashville can drive. Including the LEO.

It’s neither here nor there but I believe that the former Superba (rose) chef ended up in Nashville at Butcher & Bee.

To be painfully honest I love it too, though I do not believe your statement concerning the natives’ driving abilities is totally accurate. I do know that they all THINK they can, except when it snows, whereupon they all go out and make a usually unfortunate stab at it.

Given the ungodly amount of killer produce that falls upon them every summer, it would be kinda hard not to have a bounty of goodness on nearly every table. We transposed our usual Fall return to June this year, had eat-over-the-sink tomato sandwiches almost every day and came home with two pounds of fresh field peas, which lasted not quite two meals.