Costco Alhambra - adapting to changing demographics

Some new key essentials at the Alhambra location


Have you tried any of these products? I am curious about the abalone for sure.
This particular Costco does have a large Asian clientele. The wine selection is not on par with some other Costcos, say Burbank. There are days I enter this store and feel like I’m in a demolition derby, but it’s bracing in a way.

I think Costco has had dried shrimp in years past, even conpoy.

I found the Alhambra Costco to be extremely peaceful except around the the free sampling areas and the gas station. But I normally shop at the MdR store. If the Alhambra store is that bad to you, don’t even consider the MdR store. Rude and psychotic are the operative words.

The MDR store is in the process of being remodeled and expanded plus a new parking garage. I was told by employees that it will soon be the largest Costco in Southern California. Wonder what new discoveries they will soon be offering?

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The most mild mannered Costcos I have found are Azusa and Woodland Hills.

Interesting perspective. I grew up w/ the Alhambra Costco, and, to me, it sets the bar for scary. The MdR store (which I’ve only been to a few times) isn’t great, but I remember finding the Alhambra one terrifying. Maybe the customers have mellowed w/ time?

I remember my dad walked into the Van Nuys branch and was like, “Why is it so calm in here?” :wink:

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maybe you’re just bigger now

Or is it just the world itself has shruken??? :wink:

Although, now that I think about it, I didn’t find the people are Alhambra rude or psychotic. They were just a LOT of them, and they were very, VERY focused.

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The selection for a Costco is already pretty good. It’s also close by. If it weren’t for those two factors, I’d probably go to the one off Rosecrans and the 405.

I think what makes the MdR unit so nutso is the fact that it’s the only Costco North of LAX and I can’t even think of one to the east of it - maybe Los Feliz?

That MdR store stresses me out and I’m not even a Costco member. It’s just always so crowded when I’ve gone to In-n-Out.

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Even that In-n-Out is crazy (as are most). Serenity now!!

Was also told that as part of the MDR remodel Costco will be giving back more space to In 'N Out…

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Alhambra is better on Tues-Thurs, unless it’s the day after the new mailer has come out and folks are all trying to grab all the “coupon” specials.

The Costco in Taipei sells it rotisserie chicken with its head on.

It also sell packs of roasted German pork knuckles : in addition to packets of eight roasted chicken legs at the same price of a roasted chicken. Cost is about the same as $5.00 per.

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Just got the new mailer. Coupons go into effect 5/5. Good day to avoid.

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My FIL had a business account there and gave everyone a new membership card every year. We went to the Alhambra store almost exclusively except for one foray to Burbank, which I found much less pleasant, maybe because almost everyone was a fellow Caucasian and therefore not only rude but proud of it. When Papa died my MIL cancelled the AmEx account, and then could never understand why I couldn’t get stuff for her from Costco … but as we were always the only folks in line without a cartload, just a few hand-carried items, we don’t miss it much. But I am tickled to see Asian delicacies being added, for sure.

On one of our return trips to our former home of Nashville we were taken to the new Costco in Brentwood. T. and I were flabbergasted: it was Friday afternoon, and there were maybe ten other people in the store!

@mcmichael abalone is pretty good. 8 pcs in a can. Only downside swims in preservatives and flavor enhancer…

Thanks. You TOFTT.

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The alhambra costco should be the final exam for every driver’s ed course. Tell them to drive to their gas station then try to find parking on a weekend, all the while avoiding every bad bad asian driving stereotype possible. Have them come on sunday early afternoon. If they get through this driving excursion without running anyone over, getting sideswiped themselves AND not cursing once, they pass and will get their D.L. on the spot.