Costco faves

Brioche hamburger rolls
Watermelon juice
Organic sliced apples
Asian chopped salad
Mini belle cheese
Parm reggiano block
Don Lee’s veggie pattie burger…da bomb!

Famous Dave’s Spicy Bread&butter Pickles
Tasso’s Double Stuffed Jalapeno/Garlic Greek Olives

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Not that the quality is bad but do you all have ten children or how can you use up all these gigantic amounts of good you are forced to buy when shopping at Costco

I have no kids but I do make judicious use of Costco, mostly for paper goods, peanut butter, fresh blueberries and Dijon mustard. I prefer to source my meat and produce from other purveyors. If there are items you know you use a lot of, it makes sense. They do have some good liquor buys.

Before my mom passed and I was cooking for her, I usually had a bag of frozen chicken tenders or breasts in the freezer. She would also have me pick up a 6-pk of english muffins for her and a couple loaves of bread. I’m probably the only person that can get in and out of Costco for less than $100 because I’m pretty immune to their impulse buys at this point.

The Watermelon juice is great, BTW

Herr Honk!

I don’t need no stinkin’ 10 kids to shop at Costco…
They have this somewhat new device, called a freezer…also, a food saver too.

Most stuff I buy is individual wrapped, like the organic sliced apples in a 8pk and between those for the week with my .99 Jif 3 pk of peanut butter, is fantastic…mini baby belle’s are wrapped…cheese for Parm Reggiano and the Xtra Sharp cheese doesn’t go bad for awhile…watermelon juice is a six pack that is outrageously good…Asian chopped salad is good to split with some grilled Ahi/shrimp or Salmon…get my coffee, half and half, vodka, Hornitos Tequila and of course, paper towels and TP…

The Don Lee’s veggie patties are so friggin’ delicious on a brioche bun with some Costco’s sliced swiss and their 30 pk of Island Kettle Chips…

I was at the BC center yesterday and I gave a shout out to SS with a ‘Fakey loves you Super Sergio’s and me too!’… :yum:

With just two of us I don’t buy full boxes of produce as they WOULD go bad, but most other things are OK. It was much easier before our garage fridge finally died (didn’t replace it). We’re contemplating moving from a house to an apartment and the Costco thing will be more space-challenged if we do.

There are very few things, at least for us, which freeze well without losing too much quality once you thaw them - from your list at the top the veggie pattie burgers might be OK (but we don’t really buy processed food), everything else isn’t really food for freezing. (And why presliced apples ? I know they just add add ascorbic acid and calcium but why not buy a normal apple without any additives and cut it when you need it (takes about 20-30 sec) - sorry, just a pet peeve for me that people buy processed food when the “original” one is perfect, e.g. tables salt with anti caking additives etc).
So far Costco was really helpful for us once we wanted to but a car (and some cookbooks are cheap from time to time)

‘And why presliced apples’ I don’t like biting into apples in the natural sense…I know its weird but I just don’t…
Other fruit, not an issue and prefer, always, fresh over packaged…just not the apple. :apple:

The veggie patties are full of seeds, grains, quinoa…
Love the orchids and Qunol COQ10 liquid stuff too…get my tires, gas and optical too.
Their wine selection is great as well.
I have a select group of stuff that I get that is quality and I haven’t been to a grocery store to shop in years…
From farm stands, TJ’s, Costco, Sprouts and .99cent store…

Don’t fall for the Q10 scam

Talenti Gelato

Gas and tires.

Huh? COQ10? My doctor recommended it and he pretty much walks on water.

Ask him to show any peer-reviewed studies which show any clinical significant benefit for taking it - there is nothing. A lot of anecdotal stuff which was debunked in clinical studies. Unfortunately many doctors are often not up to date on current results in many research areas

What are the negatives? Or send me to a link?

There are no significant side effects but it is very similar to taking placebo in the relevant clinical studies with enough power. There is no one paper but there are many papers on pubmed you just have to look for clinical studies with enough power (and don’t go for the in vitro papers they have little meaning)

Basil Pesto. DELISH.
Frozen fruit.
Fage yogurt, when they have the full fat kind.

If there are no significant side effects what’s the big deal?

Why spend any money on a sugar pill ? In addition, any drug in high doses can cause side effects in a small percentage of population, so why taking the risk if there is little to gain ?

Their frozen fruit selection is really good, especially for smoothies. Just the fact that the Fage comes in quart containers is a plus, especially if one eats fruit and yogurt for breakfast a lot :wink:

Their $1.50 Polish Dog. :fork_and_knife:

The placebo effect (if it works for you) may itself be worth the price of admission.

Medicine, after all, is not a science.

But an art. And an opaque one at that.