Costco finds

I got some Gefen organic beets from Spain, three half-kilo bags for $6.99. These are the first precooked beets I’ve found in this country that taste like the ones I’ve bought in France. The others were all overly sweet and didn’t have much flavor.

The Redwood City branch had d’Artagnan duck confit, smoked duck breast, and andouille this week. Other branches I’ve shopped at recently had only the confit or none of them.


Are the beets seasoned with anything?

The only ingredient is cooked, peeled beets. I’m not sure if they’re cooked and vacuum-packed or vacuum-packed raw and cooked sous-vide.

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Comice pears

Stacy’s Pita Chips

Marinated Herring by Abba

Geez, my Costco sells ketchup, giant tvs, and mini frozen burritos. Is there a secret gourmet section of which I’m unaware?

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Some of it is seasonal.

I think it’s like Trader Joe’s, the managers stock different things depending on what people buy locally. I shop regularly at half a dozen different Costcos. I’ll get first-rate Italian prosciutto and mozzarella at one of them and another will have only domestic brands.

You could ask them if they can get things you’ve heard are stocked at other stores.

They do tend to have more gourmet products around Christmas.

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I miss buying Hibiki 12 for $54.99 and Lagavulin 16 for $49.99. We bought Hibiki 12 from Costco so often, but we wasted it in too many cocktail experiments.

We spend time in Seattle and they definitely have things that I don’t see in other stores.

What sort of things? Costco sources some products locally.

Haven’t hit the Costco in Seattle recently. We’ll be back up there in Feb. and I’ll keep an eye out.

Just had the beet salad that are in a 4 pk vacuum sealed and peeled…
Very tasty and had them as a salad with blue cheese…

Beet salad already dressed? What brand?

I dressed it with some Ken’s blue cheese chunky…

I wouldn’t call cooked beets salad, you can use them in anything.

I wish our Costco here has those Sabrett 30 packs like they do in NY.

I used the cooked beets as a salad…
Yes, I’ve been using them in everything and enjoying them immensely.

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Some Costcos have imported Italian buffalo-milk mozzarella, $12 for four. Great value.

I CANNOT believe how good these are! I’ve had “hacao” har gow in restaurants that weren’t this good. To the point that I’m unlikely to make them again. We intend to go to Costco (oh, right, that’s where we got them and in a much bigger box than the link) and buy multiple boxes. Just in case :slight_smile:

Oh bitw the sauce major sucks. Throw it out and make what suits you.

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Went back today and bought four boxes of 40!!!

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