Costco finds

Here’s TJs pork belly cooked with peppers and onions. When serving I removed a lot of the ‘grease.’ It was great actually. Surprised me with just how good it was.

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Oh… And apparently all of the ingredients for grandma’s curry come out of 2 boxes you can easily buy on your own… :frowning:

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Also works really well for fried rice…

This was just regular rice but yeah, for sure.


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Costco has had Angelo & Franco burrata recently. It’s bland, definitely not the same as what I had in a restaurant some years back. Note to self: don’t buy it again.

Promo mailing from Costco shows 4505 chicharrones. Has anyone seen them there?

Not lately, but I saw them pretty consistently about 6 months ago

I’ve seen the Tajin 4505 ones at SoCal Costcos in the past month or so.

I heard there are good premade sushi maki rolls in Costco Irvine. Can anyone confirm, if so what are the prices?

On the other hand, I don’t think I can trust Snow Fox. Its rice does not look great.

I’m hoping for something like this

Burbank Costco


This was surprisingly good. On sale for $12.50 ($3 off). I’m not sure it was much less work than making from scratch.


Is it more than a meal for two?

It was enough food for two, but maybe not two very hungry people. Not much more than a typical restaurant serving of jap chae (which is typically pretty large).

Thanks. I consider that pretty expensive for what it is.

Cheaper than takeout and tastier than I’ve made myself so far.

Fullerton last weekend. Crazy what is available these days.


Onions are coming back to the food court. Individual cups behind the counter. You gotta ask and they’re not going to advertise.


Has anyone tried these?

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They are OK tacos but not Birria. The filling tastes ok, shells are crunchy like a hard shell taco. We thought there would be a dipping sauce included but there isn’t.

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