Cotogna - North Beach

very good lunch at cotogna. favorites were the dungeness crab soup, the delicious prosciutto, gorgonzola with gnocco fritto, spaghetti with butter and anchovies, and tagliatelle.

dungeness crab soup with wild fennel & espelette

butter lettuce salad with meyer lemon crema, avocado & bottarga di muggine

prosciutto with gnocco fritto & lambrusco pickled onions

sicilian tuna crudo con pistachio di bronte

tagliolini con ragu di agnello e carciofi novella

tagliatelle all’uovo “7” meat ragu

spaghetti con burro e accuighe

crème fraiche & rhubarb panna cotta


Lunch for three? Or four? Looks great.

Gnocco fritto, I love those and haven’t seen them in a few years. Do you know if they were fried in lard?

I don’t know. but what really made it standout from others I’ve tried was the creamy gorgonzola dolce. that with the pickled onions was the perfect crispy, salty, creamy, airy bite.

it’s odd they don’t even list the gorgonzola on the menu.

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Taking this as a sign to post a very good dinner at Cotogna last month. The outdoor space they built is quite lovely, with twinkling lights and plants to help distract from the fact you’re actually on the sidewalk/street. (I preferred it to the indoor dining room which felt loud from sound bouncing off the hard surfaces.) They have a covered ceiling and patio heaters overhead to keep the temperature comfortable.

Drink Menu

Dinner Menu

Celery root sformato with black trumpet mushrooms and hazelnuts

Focaccia di Recco

Tagliolini with Dungeness crab, Meyer lemon, and green garlic

Bistecca a la Fiorentina with Bintje potatoes and garden lettuces

Meyer lemon sorbetto

Focaccia di Recco was super thin and flaky, enveloping a lovely, mild, milky stracchino cheese and seasoned lightly with flake salt. Loved the copper pan it came on. Tagliolini was delicious as was the steak, served perfectly medium rare, but the potatoes that came alongside were notably fantastic - crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy inside. Great wood-fired cooking all around. Chowpup reports that the sorbetto was “not too sweet” and “just a tiny bit bitter from the zest.”

Wished we had tried the prosciutto with gnocco fritto, and now regret it doubly after your review!


Great photos and report.

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