Could This Be The Best Sports Venue Food In L.A.? The Fields LA Food Hall at LAFC's Banc of California Stadium - C.J. Boyd's Fried Chicken, Piccolo Antico Pizzeria, Burritos La Palma, Coni' Seafood, Barbara Jean, Ms. Chi and more [Thoughts + Pics]



WOW!!! What a round up!! It’s so close to us, we are there all the time. This morning I was on the roof taking a Yoga class. The hours. The vendors, the portions, the prices, the free parking and events, They really are doing lots of efforts to make it successful.

The taste you got from the pizza, is from the oil they coat they coat the pans with. I LOVE IT. But I’m the type who drizzles pizza with oil to begin with.

We really like the Jambalaya. It’s great with the wide selection of beers they have at the bar (which is a main reason we go) There are hot sauce bottles which can zip it but overall, we enjoy the flavors of the meats which are not over done including the delicate crab.

My new favorite thing there is the Tostaditas from Conis. They are one of the most expensive items there but they have mounds of shrimp and octopus. Could this dish be better at Holbox? Perhaps. But Holbox doesn’t offer $5 Hard Agua Frescas…

I also recently tried my first desert there. A Lemon Meringue Bar. I LOVE Lemon Bars, most are terrible. This one hit all the right notes. It had a thick crust, a good layer of balanced and tangy lemon curd (Not too eggy. Not too sweet or tart, not too gel like) but the best part was the meringue topping. It was true meringue, almost marshmellowey, not foamy at all

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Hi @Dommy,

Thank you again for the recommendation to try this place in the first place. :slight_smile:

Oh wow, I didn’t know they had hard aguas frescas! How are they? What did they spike the Jamaica with? Tequila?

I was eyeing the Tostaditas from Coni’ Seafood, so I’ll try that next time. The cashier said that it was basically the Coctel but served on their Tostaditas rounds, but it looks wonderful. :slight_smile:

And which stand was serving the Lemon Meringue Bar? Was it the case next to Piccolo Antico’s Focaccia Sandwiches? Thanks.

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Thanks again for your tremendous reviews.

I love this place. It is not train-friendly compared to Grand Central Market, as the venue is a good 15 minute walk from the nearest Expo station. But there is free parking. I enjoyed the burritos from Burritos La Palma, pizza from Piccolo Antico and the chicken sandwich from CJ Boyd. I will look for that lemon bar Dommy mentioned.

I was wondering whether anyone has tried Akko Port or Al Pastor. Glad I skipped Mrs. Chi; it didn’t look promising.

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Hi @ogawak,

Thank you! :slight_smile: For Akko Port, we wanted to try it, but literally no one was ordering from Akko Port the entire time we were there. :sweat: So we took that as a sign and held off. Curious if it’s any good, or we may try it next time.

For the generically named “Al Pastor” food stall, we passed because they didn’t even bother having the trompo (vertical spit) working. So like Leo’s Tacos, if you don’t see the trompo, keep driving. :wink: (It was sad: Both visits, the trompo wasn’t out.)

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Like Chowseeker… I’ve also noticed the Trumpo off more than on. Nevertheless, I did try the Gringas and they were pretty good. I LOVED the flour tortilla and the portion inside was generous and well spiced! As good as Leos… NOPE.



We tried Akko and the flatbread is WONDERFUL. The fillings are okay… not bad… but we got the short rib in hopes of fluffy toum as it was on the menu and it was more like Garlic Mayo. Plus, but when you have Dune and Madcapra… not too far… this pales…


As for Ms. Chi… we have a total soft spot for her Vegan Mapo!



Thanks for the info on Akko and Al Pastor @Dommy, good to know. :slight_smile: At least the flatbread itself sounds great, so we’ll give it a try next time. :wink: Thanks.

I got the short rib laffa at Akko Port. I thought it was REALLY good. The short rib was very tender and it was a little, kind of, caramelized/sweet on the outside. And there were big hunks of it. And I liked the other stuff in the laffa as well. That’s all I’ve tried so far at The Fields LA but I liked it a lot…


Coming soon on November 9th: Chef Shirley Chung’s Mac & Cheese Wontons.

This is what happens when marijuana is legalized.


I hate to admit this, but I actually love cream cheese wontons, so I could totally get behind this.

I’m with you on the crab meat Rangoon’s, but these Mac and cheese wantons just sound way too heavy

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Birria burritos from Burritos La Palma were very tasty! We also really enjoyed the fried chicken sandwich from CJ Boyd’s and the chicken shawarma from Akko Port.

Free Play upstairs looks really cool. May have to check it out once all the students are gone for the summer.


yay sportsball

Thanks for the report back @Bigmouth. :slight_smile: Good to hear that the Chicken Shawarma from Akko Port was enjoyable.

Which Fried Chicken Sandwich did you get from CJ Boyd’s? (And yah, the Burritos La Palma offerings were good for us last time as well.)

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I believe it was the East LA. My friend ordered it so I only had a bite, but it was really good. Not Howlin’ Ray’s good obvs, but a step above competitors like Crack Shack.

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Empty when we went today. Tumbleweeds empty.

Do they not have tvs streaming the games?

Hi @Bookwich,

When we first visited The Fields, they definitely had TVs all over the food hall broadcasting the latest LAFC game (with a bunch of fans cheering, etc.). Not sure what they broadcast in the off-season? Lakers or Rams games maybe?

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Darn. Per Eater LA, it seems Chef Chad Colby and his team are not renewing at The Fields for Piccolo Antico. :frowning: They’re focused on his new brick and mortar. A sad loss for The Fields (loved that Focaccia Sandwich).