Counter Top Convection Cooker,

This thing was advertised in the newest Sur La Table catalog and I bit. They claimed it to be a low fat fryer but in essence is is as I said above. I’ve used it twice now, once for french fries, they recommend using frozen and adding 2 Tbs. of oil. Last night I baked a couple of potatoes in it and they were done in about a half an hour. Tonight I’m doing a duck breast to see how that works. The name is Healthy Fry Air Fryer by e’cucina Home. I’m pretty happy with it. I only have a single large oven and no toaster oven (T.O’s make lousy toast) so I think this will fill a need.

Could you post a link that will give a picture and info. Not quite getting it. Thanks, Candy.

This? Phillips airfryer

I have a Phillips air fryer. Love the thing. I use little to no oil. Even for fries, I use maybe 1 tsp max. For tater tots, I use no oil. Makes great sausages, wings, fish sticks, etc. We use it 1-2 times/week.

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