Courage Bagels--Silverlake

Up the block from the Restaurant That Shall Not Be Named is a new hipster bagel place specializing in “Montreal-Style Bagels.” I am somewhat of a bagel traditionalist, so the fact that this place uses olive oil, salt, and pepper with heirloom tomatoes had me a little skeptical. But to be honest it was pretty fucking delicious. Coffee was great too. I’d go back. To be honest, I need to try one of the bagels plain, as I couldn’t really tell what made these Montreal-style bagels unique. They were good and crisp, but otherwise didn’t seem like anything all that new. Still, I recommend.


Not sure if you meant what makes Montreal-style bagels in general unique, or the ones from this store specifically.

Some info here:

And, apparently, Toronto has a diff style of bagel?

The CH threads were so long that I merely skimmed them…

I actually went this weekend too! Enjoyed it a fair bit, though they were definitely unusual. I haven’t been to Montreal, but I wouldn’t say they necessarily match the description. They weren’t sweet, but were instead like a pretty good wood-fired sourdough pizza crust, with a lot of char and a bready crumb. Good though!

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Okay good! That is what really sets Montreal Bagels apart… the wood burning oven… Also bigger holes because of hand stretching…

Courage Bagels has got a lot of hype.

First off, I’m no bagel expert, but god damnit if these are not the best bagels in the mf universe.

I’ve been a few times since the NY Times article lit them up, and yes waiting in line sucks, but I quickly decide it’s worth it once I’m carbing it up. And from what I’ve observed, some folks know exactly what they want and order/pay in under 2 minutes, while others will roll up with their crew and take 5+ minutes deciding what they want at the window :man_shrugging: it comes with the territory.

Thoughts and impressions below, but first it needs to be said that what I said above about this being the best bagel I’ve ever had stands. However, friends that I’ve stood in line with that are not from California and consider themselves bagel connoisseurs, don’t think these are bagels. They’ve said they’re more like toast–and they’re not wrong–these things are more like toast. But I don’t care, the sign on the business says bagels and I don’t want to debate bagels vs. Montreal bagels vs. toast so to me they’re bagels.

Run It Thru the Garden - Burnt Everything

The Run It Thru the Garden is a looker, a stunner, and downright flawless. Starting on top of a burned everything, it’s topped with cream cheese, tomato, cucumber, onion, capers, dill, lemon, salt, pepper, and olive oil. It’s one of the best bites I’ve had this year. There are a lot of toppings, but it’s perfectly balanced; the richness of the cream cheese cut with acidic tomato and briny capers, the kick of shaved onion with a soft drizzle of olive oil, and then the satisfying crunch of the actually not useless cucumber.




Simply Delicious - Burnt Everything

The Simply Delicious is what it is: cream cheese, salmon, capers, pepper, lemon, and olive oil. It’s truly a luxurious bite with a sublime contrast between the soft, rich, and fatty toppings and the thin, crunchy bagel beneath.


Rip ‘n Dip - Burned Onion

Served whole, Rip 'n Dips are the best way to order a single bagel (though they are also sold loose) because you get some truly fantastic butter. It also reveals why the move is to ask for the bagel burned, so you get a crisp exterior crust that when ripped apart reveals a light and fairly airy interior. Rip off some pieces and dip it in butter–it’s simple and absolutely kills.




Alaskan Salmon Roe - Burnt Everything

You’ll definitely want to eat this one ASAP as it’s roe on cream cheese and doesn’t quite travel as well as the others. But it’s also a really great bite with slivers of onion (and of course dill) so you can’t go wrong.


Hand Sliced Smoked Salmon - Burnt Everything

Last but not least, the first item on the menu and probably the one that should be ordered every time. This is the bagel where everything comes together–from the super fresh produce and herbs, to the silky smoked salmon. The NY Times hype is real—this is the apex predator bagel.


Tip: there’s bound to be a wait, so be prepared. I’ve gotten in line at 11:30 and had bagels in hand a couple minutes after noon, but other times waited around 45-60 minutes. It’s much more bearable with a friend or two.

Bonus tip: add roe to your smoked salmon.


Parking tip: it’s on Virgil a block down from Sqirl, so street parking only, which can be tough during prime brunch hours.

Pro tip: get the burnt everything no matter what you’re ordering.

Vital stats:
777 N Virgil Ave.
Thursday - Monday 7am - 2pm

RIYL: bagels that are really more like toast but also the best toast that’s a block away from that place that everyone thinks of as having iconic toast which is good toast too but also really different from this toast imeanbagels


This place is so damn good. It’s nearly nonsensical


I think this is what gives me a bit of pause, actually. B/c a good bagel should not, IMHO, be like toast. But I am willing to give this a try. Thanks for the report.


Agreed. Generally my problem with Montreal “bagel”-shaped-thingies.

Just go knowing you’re getting bread / toast. I mean, I enjoy western bagel sometimes, but NOT because it’s a “bagel” — just tasty bread that they happen to put a hole in. Kinda like Gjusta’s.

If I want a bagel, yeah… not going to Western or Gjusta :slight_smile:


It shouldn’t, but that’s where the bialy comes in!


Yes, I think this is the key thing to keep in mind. One of my bagel-elitist friends was put off because it’s a bagel in shape/form only—tangent but doughnuts are also bagel shaped but whatever—however she still thought it tasted fantastic.

My take: just go with it and don’t worry about what it’s called as long as it tastes good and doesn’t hurt anyone/anything.


That’s why I actually really appreciated your post! I love toast, too, and it’s important for me to have right expectations (or lack thereof). Toppings look dreamy.


Did you have to wait an hour to get your toast…I mean bagels? Lots of yelp reviews mention how it’s an hour wait.


Ah thanks.

Anyone (who wakes up earlier than rlw) have any 7 AM wait-time intel?

I’ve seen them put other people’s Instagram posts in their stories bragging about getting in line pre-7am, so just from that there is bound to be other people in line then too.

Maybe I’m just numb to standing in long lines these days (especially with how we all had to wait around to even get into the grocery store 6 months ago) but I haven’t found it that bad.

I have also seen them post/heard from friends about selling out in recent weeks, so getting there before 11:30 is probably the safest move.


If you are a gambler, go late. I show up at like 1:30 and there is literally zero line. Of course some things can be sold out but you probably won’t get blanked….

You’re very close to Sqirl or Be U for backup.


Ohmigod, I am impressed.

That is just my speed. :smiley:


i went on a wednesday Thursday and showed up at 8am and was 5th in line. When I got my food around 8:20-30?!? the line was like 15 deep

they’re open wednesday?